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While Apple TV+ has a mountain to climb if it is to compete with the likes of Prime Video and Netflix, the platform has plenty of fans who will push it forward. Ted Lasso has captured the attention of many with his moving stories and fantastic character development. It’s a show that focuses on a small team in England’s top flight and an unusual head coach who takes on a job with no experience in the sport. Actor Brett Goldstein hinted that the third season was the last, but the show surprised viewers and has even more potential outside of television.

Sports games are a dime a dozen in 2022, but some developers are pushing the boundaries of the genre. Golf Story, Rocket League, and Dodgeball Academy are all sports-themed games that require no prior knowledge from the player. Apple TV’s Ted Lasso may enter the video game space by adopting a similar philosophy and using his charming nature to create a football management sim that is simpler, more fun, and less complex than Football Manager.

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Sports games find casual fans

Franchises like FIFA and Crazy are often criticized for lack of innovation due to EA’s commitment to yearly releases, but the reality is that they can still be drastically different from what they used to be. FIFA 17’s ‘Journey’ was a well-thought-out and executed attempt to tell players a story that would fit in with FIFA 16’s overhauled gameplay, and Crazy 18’s short-lived Longshot mode was surprisingly deep storytelling. In the modern age, it’s not enough to just be a sports game, as more and more casual gamers are finding enjoyment in the other modes that these games have to offer.

The sports genre is bigger than it was ten years ago and the drama coming from real competition makes it ripe for great stories. Ted Lasso knows this, and storylines like the fall and rise of Jamie Tartt, Roy Kent’s struggle with an aging sport, and Ted’s desperate attempt to unite his players are made all the better by the fact that it’s entirely plausible in any real-life football team. Premier League. UN Ted Lasso will capitalize on a growing trend and could inspire more established franchises to offer more content that will appeal to players who enjoy story-driven single-player modes.

How Ted Lasso Might Turn to Gambling

While television is a tough medium that demands nothing more than the attention of its users, Ted Lasso contains many of the themes and components needed to create a memorable game. A strong script, emotionally complex characters, and witty humor are staples of the series, elements that most recent management games don’t have. The entire genre lacks light comedy and strong storytelling, and while Two-Dots Campus has a more laid-back design philosophy, it has more room for games like this. Managerial football is about as serious and complex as it gets, and a project by Ted Lasso in the same vein can provide a much-needed choice.

Stories in games usually only thrive when the characters are of high enough quality to carry the story. Uncharted’s somewhat familiar narrative is bolstered by Nathan Drake’s dashing, comedic nature, and Mass Effect would have been an unforgettable experience were it not for its eclectic cast of misfit heroes. Ted Lasso offers characters – two mainstays of the series with short-lived appearances – that are likable from the start, and bringing them into the game could be a great way to expand on their legacy and offer something new for games. all.

Ted Lasso is currently available on Apple TV+.

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