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Hotline Miami is a die and retry top view indie game that came from the imagination of two men (Jonatan Söderström and Dennis Wedin). The game is above all influenced by the culture of the 80s, inspired by the film “Drive” and the documentary “Cocaine Cowboy”.

The story takes place in the city of Miami in 1989, we play a man whose identity will never be revealed, but the players will quickly nickname “Jacket” because of his dress. One evening when he was at home, he received a message on the answering machine of his telephone: “Hi, it’s ‘Tim’ from the bakery. The cakes you ordered must have been delivered. There is also a list of ingredients, read it carefully! “. The player can then see a package on the doorstep, a package that contains a message: “The target is a briefcase. Discretion is essential. Leave the target at point F-32 in the dumpster. Failure is not an option. We’re watching you. “. Does our mission have a link with a questionable organization? What exactly is our job? You will quickly realize that your work does not consist of simple deliveries, you will be asked (forced?) To kill, to kill a lot …

Die And Retry obliges, the title is extremely difficult, you will need to learn a choreography in order to complete a level.


You will have understood it in Hotline Miami your main mission is to kill targets, in each level you will be asked to “clean” one or more floors of its residents. The player will be able to move and aim “twin sticks” as well as shoot / hit thanks to the triggers. The arsenal here is extensive (pistols, rifles, knives, bats, crowbar, etc.), but in case that isn’t enough, you’ll have the option of violently finishing off a ground enemy in your hand. The game is nervous and the enemies will pounce on you the instant they see you (the AI ​​is actually very dumb, no subtlety on that side), making the game very hard. This difficulty will force you to find the ideal course in order to achieve your ends, die and retry oblige!

The character wears a rooster mask in order to remain anonymous. But at the start of each level, the player will have the option to change masks, with each mask providing its bonus in-game. For example, the tiger mask will make your punches deadly and the pig mask will let you have more weapons in. level. The game contains 25 additional masks with as many different bonuses that you will need to unlock during the missions. Did I tell you that the owl mask reveals more of the secrets?

Thanks to its clean 16-bit graphics, the game will not slow down, regardless of the platform. All similar versions, no changes to be declared whatsoever on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Playstation Vita. Sometimes you just have to keep it simple and let the gameplay do it.

The die and retry style can be very frustrating, but here the quality of the soundtrack and the fact that no cut occurs in the event of death makes the experience less brutal. Dying will no longer be a failure, but an apprenticeship.


The musical titles that accompany Hotline Miami in addition to being excellent are an integral part of the gaming experience (you will be recommended to use headphones at the start of the game, which turns out to be good advice). The artists Sun Araw, MOON, Perturbator, Scattle, Jasper Byrne, Elliott Berlin, Coconuts, El huervo and Erik Suhrk deliver us a hypnotic electro that will make the experience far superior to the standard of the genre. Available in vinyl since 2016 and reissued in 2017, these releases have seen their prices soar making them inaccessible.

If the game ends on average in 4-5 hours, the scoring system will add a good number of hours for the most perfectionists. Deaths, combos, daring, time bonus, flexibility and mobility will be all criteria that will allow the game to assign you a rank.

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