🛸 Iranian drones for Russia ⚙️ Revolutionary electric motor 🚢 Australian submarine failures: Coria Weekly.

Ordering hundreds of Iranian drones, a big blow but humiliation for Russia

This can change a lot in Ukraine.

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Can Mahle’s new indestructible electric motor revolutionize electric vehicles?

90% performance, all the time and without fatigue.

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M270 and M142 HIMARS: Will US missile launchers turn the tide of the war in Ukraine?

The balance of power seems to be shifting.

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The F-35 has a big, big problem with the reactor.

Definitely when he doesn’t want to…

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Things are getting very serious for Australian nuclear submarines

It is likely that the country will not be able to acquire either American or British ships for a long time.

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Russian soldiers shot down their Su-34s for a reward?

A mistake worth several tens of millions of euros.

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Boron nitride revolutionizes the powdered hydrogen of the future

It can also disrupt oil refining.

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Former Poker Player Vs Scout Manager: Elon Musk’s Fortune Fight

A $230 billion duel between two men everyone opposes.

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Ukrainian pilots may soon fly American F-16s, F-18s or F-15s

Their training may begin soon.

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FedEx bot apologizes on Twitter for human remains of 3-year-old


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