🛸 Ukrainian drones rain over Russia 🥲 Main fiot fired by Musk ☠️ Prigozhin’s possible fall: coria weekly.

Elon Musk has fired world bean champion Esther Crawford.

Everything is precarious in the court of the king of Twitter.

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A rain of Ukrainian drones sows panic in Russia and approaches Moscow

Airfield, Gazprom plant, radio alerts: more and more boldly, farther and farther.

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A (very) old tactic that turned Vouledar into a disastrous graveyard for 130 Russian tanks

Same mistakes, same results.

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The boss of the Wagner group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, does he explode in mid-flight?

“Like Icarus,” one of his aides describes.

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“Fords” of the future can independently return to the garage in the event of an unpaid draft

Even for scrap, if they are no longer worth anything.

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Waiting for buyers they can’t find, Russia stores diesel at sea

And its crude oil where it can.

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The Nvidia A100 chip, AI developers’ secret weapon

Market hostess, she’ll be yours for $10,000 (but you’ll need a lot).

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Further, stronger than “Khimarov”: “Alder-M” is a Ukrainian missile that can worry the Russians

A new major asset for Kyiv.

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Good shot: Belarusian resistance fighters attacked a valuable Russian A-50 radar aircraft with a drone

Capital instrument of the Kremlin.

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Ermira Consultants, the Cypriot shell company where Vladimir Putin hides his wealth

Rental business.

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