🤔 2022 review: Xbox Series X, but where did the games go?! –

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Ah, the Xbox Series X. The unloved SuzuKube console, no one understands why I prefer the Xbox Series S to the Series X… And yet the reason is very simple: I don’t expect the same from a 300€ console. at 500 €.

I don’t expect the same from my Nintendo Switch and PS5. And I expect more from the Xbox Series X than from my PS5, which only cost me 400 euros…

Because, ultimately, what gives me the Xbox Series X compared to the Xbox Series S? More disk space to play more Xbox Game Pass games that interest me less and less. The best resolution or the best frame rate to play good games, sure, but the older generation versions are more than enough. And a Blu-ray player to watch my Blu-rays while I spend my life on Netflix or replay my Xbox One games, even though Xbox Game Pass offers me a large catalog of games… What As for taking advantage of playing promotions in stores, I confess that I did this 3 years ago, now I buy in promotions directly from the Microsoft Store.

The console is finally resolutely turned to the future, even if the current level of the game really exploits the console, it’s not a joy… I hope Hellblade can ignite the flame that’s in me.

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