10 rarest and most expensive Nintendo Wii video games in 2022

The Nintendo Wii is one of the best selling game consoles of all time. Over 1,262 games were released on the console in North America, some more memorable than others. As more and more people collect video games, the prices of these games have only gone up in recent years! Here are the 10 rarest (and most expensive) Nintendo Wii video games of 2022.

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The prices that will be presented in this article are for video games distributed in North America and are considered complete or CIB (disc + box + instructions). In addition, these are estimates based on past and/or current sale prices found on auction sites, so actual game prices may vary slightly. Please note that the prices of these games may fluctuate after the publication of this article.


The Last Story is one of three Operation Rainfall games. Seeing that Nintendo did not want to release The Last Story, Xenoblade Chronicles and Pandora’s Tower in North America, some gamers launched an online advertising campaign demanding that these games be translated into English and that these games be released in the US/Canada.

All of this caught the attention of major gaming publications such as Kotaku and IGN, putting even more pressure on Nintendo. It should be remembered that at the end of the Nintendo Wii’s life, very few good new video games were released for the console compared to the Xbox 360 or PS3, which received all the major franchises. All this disappointed Nintendo fans.

Gamers’ dedication paid off when these three titles finally saw the light of day in North America. The Last Story was released in August 2012, a few months before the Wii U launch…

The limited edition of the game is the rarest, as it comes with a soundtrack CD and an artbook.

A mint condition limited edition copy of The Last Story on the Nintendo Wii can cost around $170 on eBay, while the regular version costs around $100 on eBay.

FIRE EMBLEM: RADIANT Dawn – About $150

A direct sequel to Path of Radiance (GameCube), the game was released in 2007, one year after the console’s release. Radiant Dawn has been very well received by gamers and critics alike.

The game was released the same weekend as Super Mario Galaxy, so the game received very little attention. The franchise was still considered a niche franchise in North America (Path of Radiance sales on the GameCube were low), it’s likely that Nintendo didn’t. make a huge copy of the game.

It wasn’t until characters from the series began making regular appearances in the Super Smash Bros. series that gamers really started caring about Fire Emblem.

These days, you’ll have to spend about $150 on eBay to get the full version of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn for the Wii.


rare nintendo wii

When Metroid Prime 3 came out in 2007, it was a hit! It was enough for Nintendo to start developing a port of Metroid Prime (2002) and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (2004) on the Nintendo Wii by adapting the controls of the Nintendo GameCube to the Wii Remote.

As a result, the excellent collection of the Metroid Prime trilogy was made available in 2009 on the Nintendo Wii. In North America, the game was released in a limited edition in a metal box. Nintendo soon announced that they were not going to release any other copies of the game, making Metroid Prime Trilogy for the Nintendo Wii one of the rarest titles on the console.

However, in 2013, GameStop mysteriously released copies of the game in a regular Wii case, without the metal case. As such, there are currently 2 versions of the game in circulation: the original metal-cased version with the large collector’s edition registered, and the version that GameStop sold a few years later.

A mint copy of Metroid Prime Trilogy for the Nintendo Wii can fetch around $150 on eBay.


rare nintendo wii

Did you know there was an exercise bike for the Nintendo Wii? Developed by Europe’s Bigben Interactive, which once specialized in crappy Wii gadgets, this exercise bike arrived in North America in 2011 on a Cyberbike Cycling Sports console.

The Wii gadget craze, which has been slowly fading away, suggests that very few people bought this bike and game bundle, making Cyberbike Cycling Sports for the Nintendo Wii one of the rarest in her collection.

There have been very few copies on sale lately, but you’ll have to spend about $175 (if not more) on eBay to get a complete copy in good condition from Cyberbike Cycling Sports.


rare nintendo wii

Fragile Dreams, developed by Bandai Namco in collaboration with Tri-Crescendo, is a role-playing game exclusive to the Nintendo Wii. We follow the character Seto in a post-apocalyptic world in Japan.

A new copy of Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon on the Nintendo Wii can cost around $180 on eBay.


rare nintendo wii

“American Mensa Academy not only trains the brain muscles, but also entertains and entertains people aged 8 to 80!” This game is based on the high IQ company Mensa, which has members in over 100 countries around the world. Provides real Mensa questions so you can find your real Mensa account. Fascinating theatrical scenery and tests for resourcefulness. This is the hardest way to improve your IQ. »

These days, you’ll have to spend about $185 on eBay to get a complete, undamaged copy of American Mensa Academy.

KINGDOM OF DOKAPON – about $235.

rare nintendo wii

“The Dokapon Kingdom is a land of wealth and wealth ruled by a gold-loving king and his daughter Princess Penny. One day, monsters begin to appear throughout the kingdom, attacking cities and stealing all the wealth of the empire. The king, unable to collect taxes from his impoverished citizens, calls on heroes from all over the country to come and rid his monarchy of these monsters. »

A remake of the 1994 Super Famicom game Dokapon 3-2-1: Arashi o Yobu Yuujou, Dokapon Kingdom was first developed for the PS2 console and later ported to the Nintendo Wii. The game was released in October 2008 and is published by Atlus, which is known for producing small batches of games that the company publishes in North America.

A mint copy of Dokapon Kingdom for the Nintendo Wii can fetch around $235 on eBay.


rare nintendo wii

Club Penguin Game Day! is a very common game on the Nintendo Wii. Released in 2010, the game is limited to a selection of mini-games based on Disney’s popular MMO Club Penguin. There has never been an official limited series.

But rumor has it that, to celebrate the franchise’s 5th anniversary, the MMO Club Penguin team has released a unique cover for distribution to their staff. Completely black, this cover could be inserted in place of the original cover for Club Penguin: Game Day on the Wii.

Some of these covers have since appeared on eBay in the original Wii version of Club Penguin.

These days, you’ll have to spend about $240 on eBay to get a complete copy in good condition with the “limited edition” cover of Club Penguin: Game Day.

VEGGIAN WORLD – about $270.

Nintendo Wii

“Veggy World, an action game in which you control a strawberry-shaped spaceship that flies through landscapes covered in broccoli and turnip tree houses. Shoot lasers and blue balls at a continuous wave of fruit and vegetable creatures, exploding personalized food slight explosion.”

Veggy World is more like an old flash game from the early 2000s than a real console game. It is very difficult to get information about this video game on the Internet, as if we have collectively forgotten that this game exists. Released for the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS in 2010, Veggy World was developed by Virtual Play Games.

A new copy of Veggy World on the Nintendo Wii can fetch around $270 on eBay.

ATREVETE A SONAR – about $380.

Nintendo Wii

Do you know Atrévete A Sonar, perhaps the rarest game on the Nintendo Wii console? A bit normal, it was released exclusively in Mexico! It’s a music game like we’ve seen dozens of on the console, with the only difference being that Atrevéte A Sonar is based on the Mexican telenovela of the same name that aired on Televisa in 2009-2010.

There are only 20 songs in the game, as well as 50 elements to personalize our character. The fact that Atrévete A Sonar was released exclusively in Mexico and is based on a TV series that only lasted one season (more than 260 episodes, I must say), it’s no surprise to see this game at the top of the list of the rarest games on the Nintendo Wii!

These days, you’ll have to spend about $380 on eBay to get a complete copy of Atrevete A Sonar.


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