10 things to know on Thursday

# 9: Wildcats were released in Chicago to solve the city’s rat problem. (Photo: 123RF)

10 WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW. Call for the creation of a government agency to combat cyberattacks, the mating industry kicks in again and cats start working to fix the rat problem: here are 10 news stories to read this Thursday, May 13, 2021.

1. A government agency like NASA must be created to counter cyberattacks like the one that damaged a major oil pipeline on the US East Coast since the start of the week, said the CEO of IBM. CNN… The company is even offering $ 100 billion in public-private partnerships to improve cyber resilience.

2.eBay now lets you sell digital tokens, NFTs, on its online selling platform, according to MarketWatch… This is the first time eBay has launched the sale of fully digital products, as the platform has always been for physical products and professional services.

3. Barely launched at the beginning of the week, the new cryptocurrency is already in the top 10 most expensive virtual currencies. The new cryptocurrency, dubbed the Internet Computer, is already worth around $ 45 billion. Bloomberg… Thus, it is the eighth cryptocurrency in the world according to

4. Google now allows international transfers to Google Pay in partnership with Wise and Western Union, according to Globe and mail… The new feature launched in the US this week and is expected to gradually roll out to the rest of the world in the coming months.

Organization of weddings started again. (Photo: 123RF)

5. The wedding industry is on the move. Many couples who have postponed their marriage for a year due to the pandemic are going to get married this year. Reservations for receptions and weddings are jammed. Wall street journal

6. Republicans ousted Liz Cheney from her third position in the party because she still openly opposes Donald Trump, reports Washington Post… The elected Wyoming criticizes the former US president for continuing to deny that Democrat Joe Biden won the presidential election by rule.

7. Nepal, which is currently severely affected by COVID-19, is asking Everest climbers to donate oxygen tanks to hospitals so that they can treat patients in intensive care units. IN The newspaper “New York Times highlights the paradox of Nepal, where the health care system is in dire shortage of equipment as climbers around the world pay thousands of dollars to climb the world’s most famous mountain.

8. Do you need to get rid of old computers that are still working? Non-profit organization Insertech is in the midst of a campaign to refurbish computer equipment that is 7 years old or less so that it can be refurbished and resold at an affordable price. Their goal is to collect 1,000 computers by May 22nd. More details Here

9. Cats are forced to work to solve the rat problem. In recent years, an animal shelter in Chicago has released a thousand wild cats outside to clean them up. National Post… This will be not only effective, but also very pleasant for owners who are attached to small animals (not rats, cats!).

10. Also in the animal kingdom, the drone video captured these amazing images of two whales, which seem to hug each other with their fins. We don’t know if they are helping each other or if they are happy to meet, but it’s still nice to see.

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