10 things to know Tuesday

According to Australian intelligence agencies, Qantas suffers from organized crime. (Photo: 123RF)

10 WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW. Organized crime has infiltrated Qantas, nature’s role in fighting climate change, and the big sea snot problem, which isn’t funny: here are 10 news to read on Tuesday, June 8, 2021.

1. Organized crime infiltrated Qantas, according to Sydney Morning Herald… According to an investigation by the Australian authorities, up to 150 employees of the company were involved in the crime. Few details were leaked about the investigation, but it turned out that Qantas employees make it easier for criminals to import drugs and other illegal goods.

2. The end of the microchip deficit is not for tomorrow. One of the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturers sees no way out of the crisis until the second half of 2022, according to Flex. Financial Times… The forecasts were postponed due to very high demand.

3. A big bitcoin conference was held in Florida. Between Friday and Sunday, at least 12,000 cryptocurrency enthusiasts attended the Bitcoin 2021 Miami Conference, the first large-scale in-person corporate event since the start of the pandemic. The newspaper “New York Times

four. Bloomberg analyzes why AMC succeeded where GameStop failed after its small, investor-backed stocks skyrocketed. The American cinema chain, 80% of which is privately owned, laid out a red carpet for them and welcomed them with open arms, while GameStop remained silent and did nothing to take advantage of the unexpected fortune.

Research shows that natural ecosystems in Canada can help combat climate change. Pictured is Mon Orford Park. (Photo: Guillaume Tescher for Unsplash)

5. New research, published Friday, shows the role of nature in the fight against climate change in Canada. According to research that reports Globe and mail, the country could achieve a 78 megaton-per-year reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2030.

6. Twitter has been banned in Nigeria. TechCrunch The country’s communications regulator is reportedly asking all broadcasters to stop using the social network. The controversial tweet from the President of Nigeria was deleted by Twitter a few days ago.

7. Mask was used to prevent COVID-19, according to new research commissioned Axios… Twice as many people who have never worn a mask have tested positive for COVID-19 than those who have worn a mask all the time.

8. In Pakistan, a collision between two trains killed at least 40 people. In accordance with BBC, the first train derailed and found itself on a different track, where the second train, filled with passengers, passed. Dozens of people were injured and the death toll could rise.

9. An Italian artist sold the Invisible Sculpture. We can read on Artnet that Salvatore Garau received 15,000 euros ($ 22,000) for his work, which is absolutely nothing. Here’s a job that requires a lot of imagination …

10. Turkey is struggling with the big sea glanders problem. The Sea of ​​Marmara is filled with a gray slimy substance on its surface, which has formed due to water pollution and climate change. This endangers maritime shipping and aquatic life.

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