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1) He changes his image more often than Kim Kardashian.

Already at one time, the “Prince of Wales” due to his obligations, Charles could change clothes up to 8 times a day. If he seems less Balenciaga fashion than Barbour, he pays as much attention to detail as the star of the networks, as we know he wants his laces to be… ironed. But spending is out of the question: his clothes are regularly darned, he buys very little of them, and among his favorites are two coats (one in camel hair, the other in double-breasted tweed) that date back to the 80s!

2) He is more complete than a pop star.

How many people would you rate on the team that surrounded Charles when he was “only” a prince? Ten, twenty employees? In fact, more than 125 employees already worked for him: butlers, cooks, gardeners, secretaries, various advisers, distributed over his two official residences, Clarence House in London and Highgrove in the Cotswolds. Hold on tight, Celine Dion! And most interestingly, he did not rely on anyone but himself to pay them. Two-thirds of his income from his personal start-up, the hereditary Duchy of Cornwall (whose new boss will be William when he becomes the Prince of Wales), was devoted to the salaries of his employees, who, as we know, are very attached to his royal person, some have worked with him for almost thirty years. What can I say that Charles III is probably not as odious as a recent video might suggest – and heartbreaking… )

3) He moves as well as Justin Bieber.

It’s hard to see in photos from official trips, where all too often raffia loincloths, feather tiaras, or a whole set of edged weapons at his belt hamper his movements, but Charles is an excellent dancer. Able to swing to any music – jazz, samba, tango, rock and roll and even jive – the king is an extreme businessman. And the actress Emma Thompson speaks best of his talent. To our colleagues at Vanity Fair, she said, “He leads flexibly, with enough firmness in gesture. Dancing with Charles is better than sex! ” Wow.

4) He invented his own city

Not being a Soviet leader, the new tsar was kind enough not to give him his own name. But Poundbury in Cornwall is a dream of an eco-friendly and friendly living environment, and at the same time he was the author. Thirty years ago, Charles came up with the idea of ​​this village (at least 3,500 inhabitants) where everything can be done on foot and recycling is the rule. Biomethane plant, well-preserved solar panels, noble or recycled materials, halls for 100% local market, electric car charging everywhere, the only problem is that it feels a bit (much) in Disneyland. The architecture, 100% 19th century, all stone houses and slate roofs, is more like a “Let’s go buy a new lace cap with Jane Austen” fantasy than “What if the future was invented with Frank Gehry? Be that as it may, the inhabitants of Poundbury are so happy that two more towns in the same style should soon rise from the earth.

5) He doesn’t eat breakfast like Victoria Beckham.

It’s a brilliant idea: to cut down on endless water-filled work lunches, Charles eats a hearty breakfast (organic seeds and fruits, of course) and doesn’t eat anything until mid-afternoon, when he nibbles on cookies or eggs in anticipation of dinner. Her favorite food tonight? Risotto of mushrooms (harvested in Balmoral, the king would be unbeatable in the best corners of porcini mushrooms) and lamb chops. Yum. Without inventing intermittent fasting, the new sovereign found a clever way to limit his calorie intake… and boredom got stuck for 13-15 hours talking about contracts.

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6) He has a goth side, like Marilyn Manson.

Did you know that Charles shares genes with the 15th century Romanian king Vlad the Impaler, also known as Dracula, “son of the dragon”? If you met him, he would be very happy to tell you about it, because, with the quirky side that we know him, he is very proud of this relationship. The new sovereign has become addicted to Transylvania, where he owns, among other things, a guest house in the village of Viscri, where for 100 € you can spend the night and taste the local specialty, braised pork with blood, oops, red wine. .

7) He is strange… but not superstitious.

True, Charles III was used to traveling with his furniture, linens, two favorite watercolors and his own toilet seat. Of course, every morning they give him half a dozen soft-boiled eggs to make sure at least one of them is perfectly cooked. Of course he couldn’t sleep in unstarched pajamas. But if there’s one thing we can admit to him, it’s that he’s not superstitious. When asked what name he would like to rule under, he was given the choice between George, Philip and Arthur, his other names, but chose to keep the one he had for 73 years, ignoring the fact that two of his predecessors was fate. it was difficult to say the least: the second died prematurely, having survived two civil wars, leaving many bastards and without a legitimate heir, and the first was completely beheaded. It’s like if you became a queen and someone asked you under what name you would answer: “Marie Antoinette II, that’s good!” without seeing a problem.

8) He is a bit of an alcoholic like James Bond.

You will tell me that he has something to hold on to, because his mother, Elizabeth II, drank 42 units of alcohol a week from 18 to 96 years old! In any case, Charles is also thirsty. He loves white wine, is crazy about Bollinger champagne and has a motto “not a day without an aperitif”… He often accompanies his wife, who is fueled by gin and tonic, with mojitos, and loves only her martinis, like James Bond. , “shake, not stir”, that is, pass through a shaker, and not stupidly stir with a spoon.

9) He is a great businessman like Elon Musk.

Of course, the simple birth inheritance of the income from the 57,000 hectare estate helps. But Charles was never content with exploiting his forests and lands or collecting rent from his estates. A serial entrepreneur, he has launched many boxes, including “Home Farm”, an organic farming lab, and the famous “Duchy original”, a brand that has become a hit for its chic, expensive and organic products sold in supermarkets. Every year his business gets a little prosperous and in 2020 he was able to pay out at least 25 million euros in profits. Not bad for a man who has long been mistaken for a stuttering simpleton.

10) He is almost as funny as Monty Python.

More unexpected and unusual than you can imagine, Charles III? You should hear him speak French, rolling out an exaggerated r: on Youtube we find one of his famous speeches in which he is ignited by French cheeses (“RRRRoquefort, bRRie de Meaux, cRRottin de Chavignol!”). Often ready to put on a show, we’ve also seen him deliver a hilarious report on the weather in Scotland (you have to be strong to sell climates like this). We know he likes to give nicknames to his loved ones, like the singular “Tungsten” he chose for Meghan Markle (super hard but multifunctional material and very resistant to use, well, well…) But where Charles is cutest is when he bursts into laughter in public. And usually it’s because his wife Camille just whispered something in his ear. A couple who still laugh so much, 52 years later, that’s enough to bring a smile to the world.

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