10 video game endings that frustrated gamers

© Nintendo / Rocksteady

Seasoned player or not, it must have happened to you before: being completely disappointed by the end of a video game. That doesn’t mean the game sucks, but that you were expecting, if not hoping for, a completely different ending. Final boss too easy to beat or nonexistent, last mission that ends with the press of a single button, etc. Here are 10 disappointing video game endings.

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10. Borderlands

Borderlands was a highly anticipated game back in the 2000s. This first person shooter is just awesome. But the end of the game is more than disappointing, and many players raged. Indeed, throughout the game, a magnificent chest with weapons, rare items, etc. is promised to players who defeat the final boss. The problem, when the boss is beaten, nothing happens. No chest, no weapon, no object. Nada …

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