100% Autonomous Tesla by the end of the year: Elon Musk’s new unrealistic promise

Tesla founder speaks at an energy conference in Norway. He reiterated his desire to have fully autonomous cars by the end of 2022. But is it even possible?

Elon Musk wants 100% autonomous Teslas on the roads by the end of the year. Sure, but he’s not the only one who decides. What looks like wishful thinking, but which is actually the goal the California brand boss set for his teams just over a year ago, has every chance of not coming true. Because if Elon Musk seems confident in the capabilities of his autopilot, then this is far from the case for various national traffic safety organizations. Whether it’s in the United States, where the NHTSA continues its investigation into Tesla’s software, or this side of the Atlantic, where Europe is forcing the manufacturer to limit its autonomy to Level 2, the Model 3 and other Model Ys are nowhere near 100% autonomy.

However, Tesla’s boss did not budge. In a speech on August 29 at the Offshore Northern Seas 2022 conference in Norway, he said: “The two technologies that I am focused on and that I expect to be developed by the end of the year are the insertion of the orbit of our spacecraft (…) and operational autonomous driving Tesla cars.
He then added that there was a need to “ensure that autonomous driving is available on a large scale, at least in the United States and (…) potentially in Europe, depending on the regulatory green light.” This new media release by Elon Musk seems to serve two purposes. The first is to put pressure on the regulatory authorities, which, according to him, will be the last brake on the path to the “liberation” of the Autopilot.
Finally, turning the discussion to a legal aspect, the Tesla boss hopes to blame regulators for the delay in his software.

Promises, always promises

Indeed, already in 2014, the symbolic Tesla boss announced that his Tesla would become fully autonomous in a maximum of five to six years. Without detracting from the quality of the Californian software or even its cars, it is clear that in 2022 this forecast still seems very optimistic.

Clearly very talkative, Elon Musk also ventured on the sidelines of his speech to analyze the energy crisis. “In fact, I think that in the short term, we should use oil and gas, because otherwise civilization will collapse (…) one of the biggest problems that the world has faced is the transition to sustainable energy and to a sustainable economy,” – he said. Words that could resonate no less than his predictions about the autonomous car.

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