13 Ways to Improve Digital Foundry PC Ports

Game developers or those aspiring to get into game design may be interested in a new video created by the Digital Foundry team, specifically Alex Battaglia, which highlights 13 different ways developers and companies are improving PC ports of games.

Check out the video embedded below that shares what the team found while analyzing the performance of games released in 2022 and how developers and publishers can improve PC ports of games by improving settings, giving gamers a smoother gaming experience, and also discussing the main features that should be included in all PC ports.

Improve PC ports

“2022 has been a terrible year for the quality of PC ports, from terrible scalability to missing features to the inevitable #StutterStruggle. We want to start 2023 trying to make a difference! In this video, Alex Battaglia compiles a list of 13 best practice tips, handpicking the best of PC gaming to deliver the best experience, smoothest gameplay, improved customization, and more.”

Let’s hope developers and publishers take note of the ideas Digital Foundry provides and 2023 will be a great year for PC ports. Although let’s not forget that in 2022, some great games were ported from Sony PlayStation to PC.

Source: Digital Foundry

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