1,300 victims, $100 million, massive haul of Hive hackers

The US authorities have published a report on the activities of the Hive ransomware group. In France, this collective affected the Altice group and the Damart brand.

Ransomware makes a fortune for hackers. The FBI, the US federal police, said Nov. 17 that the notorious hacker group Hive has managed to extort more than $100 million — about €97 million — from more than a thousand companies since June 2021. “In November 2022, Hive members attacked over 1,300 businesses around the world. This group is known to re-infect victim organizations that have rebuilt their network without paying a ransom,” law enforcement officials said. Hive ransomware encrypts data and steals files from victims. The required ransoms regularly exceed one million dollars.

The list of victims includes a wide range of companies from many sectors, government departments, and hospitals. In France, the group attacked the textile brand Damart, as well as the Altice group, the parent company SFR, as well as many media – BFM, RMC. Many confidential documents about the activities of the telecommunications group were leaked to the network.

Hive in English means beehive. // Source: Numerama

Hackers linked to Conti

The origin of the attackers is difficult to establish, but some evidence suggests they were from Russia. Firstly, several files posted on the Internet were named in Russian. Then the methods of attack would have been provided by another Russian-speaking group, Conti, which is currently disbanded, according to the American media outlet Bleeping Computer.

While US federal agencies do not encourage ransom payments, they do encourage victims to report attacks. The goal is to understand how hackers work. The attacked companies have submitted more than 850 samples since the beginning of the year, with many affected during a spike in activity between late March and mid-April. In France, the authorities also recommend not to pay the amounts demanded by the criminals. However, a law allowing insurance companies to reimburse ransoms subject to filing a complaint is likely to push many companies towards compliance.

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The European Union wants to impose sanctions against Russia at the level of cryptocurrencies // Source: IGORN / Pixabay

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