1MORE EVO LDAC Wireless Headphones

This week, 1MORE has unveiled its new flagship LDAC wireless earbuds, although prices and availability have unfortunately not been confirmed yet. The earphones are equipped with six microphones, 3 for each earpiece, which, in combination with the artificial intelligencebased DNN (Deep Neural Network) algorithm, filter ambient noise and guide your voice during phone calls.

A quick charge of just 15 minutes can provide up to 4 hours of playback, and the wireless earphones support Qifree charging for up to 8 hours on a single charge and up to 28 hours with the included charging case.


“It’s not just about blocking the world. Sometimes we need to “hear more”. Something 1MORE is synonymous. 1MORE EVO ups the ante by including not one, but two transparency modes that you can switch between depending on the scenario. The more traditional passthrough mode allows the user to pass ambient sound around them, which can be especially useful in situations such as heavy traffic where they are more aware of their surroundings.”

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“Dual device connection support is also available through the 1MORE MUSIC app for seamless replacement, so there is no need to travel with two separate True Wireless headphones as the 1MORE EVO headphones can connect to two devices at the same time using powerful Bluetooth 5.2 technology. And for that extra focus, the 3D panel of the EVO headphones is made of smooth, durable ceramic, which can also effectively reduce electromagnetic interference, ensuring stable sound transmission, whatever you do and wherever you are.”

“1MORE EVO is also set up and ready for calls. A total of six microphones – 3 for each earpiece – and an AIpowered DNN (Deep Neural Network) algorithm work seamlessly together to filter out ambient noise and guide your voice when you’re on the phone for crystal clear conversations. A directcoupled microphone picks up environmental noise and cancels higherpitched sounds, while a feedbacktype microphone can adapt to variations to selfcorrect lowerpitched sounds. “

Source: 1MORE

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