2 quick questions about the Switch and the XBox One

Good already before answering, imagine that you speak to the greatest idiot that you will have been able to meet in your life, so that I would have no difficulty in understanding.

So to begin with, I use my One X mainly as UHD BD players, I’m not used to the interface (which changes every 6 months more), I’m a little stupid as I said at the beginning, and I not picking up or have it may turn crappy navigation sounds. I looked everywhere, I can’t find

2nd question, it’s about the Switch, how do you turn it off? On the site, they mark pressing the power button for 3 seconds. When I press, there is already a kind of “lag” it does not respond immediately, so if I press again, it goes to sleep and comes back on suddenly, well at worst we are down the balls of that. But if I really want to turn off the machine, I can press 3 seconds, most of the time it doesn’t pick up, or it just goes to sleep. To have the menu with the choices (turn off and restart) I have the impression that I have to press like a motherfucker on the button. Anyway, does that shit for you too? Or is it my console (the button) messing around?

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