200 BTC Missing: Luke Dashjr, Bitcoin Developer Hacked on New Year’s Eve 2022

Losses, suspicions and support – hackers would celebrate the end of 2022 by stealing bitcoins from the developer of the BTC blockchain. Information about this alleged hack is currently very scarce.

Boat accident or real break-in: 200 BTC missing

In a series of tweets on Jan. 1, Luke Dashjr, who is one of the main developers of Bitcoin, indicated that his PGP key – Pretty Good Privacy – was compromised and that several of his bitcoins “were stolen.”

When asked by a tweeter about this possible hack, the developer replied that he “has no idea” what actually happened. Internet users who reacted to this news put forward several hypotheses regarding vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers, none of which could be confirmed with certainty.

Some tweeters even claim that there was no hack, that it was a “boat accident” as the tax deadline approaches. Cryptocurrency owner gives this joke or justification for a boat accident or boat accident in which he would lose his assets when he wants to avoid paying the taxes they generate.

Luke Dashjr did not (or could not) provide other material information that would avoid these suspicions. For example, although he shared the address of the wallet where these stolen bitcoins were allegedly sent, he did not reveal the exact amount.

On-chain data shows that four transactions were recorded at this address on December 31st. At the time of writing, he had 216.93 BTC worth over $3.6 million.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding this event, Luke Dasjr enlisted the support of Changpeng Zhao on Twitter. The Binance CEO said, in part, that the company’s security team has been informed of this theft and that it will freeze lost bitcoins if they pass through the crypto exchange.

Thus, the pirates could not be idle on New Year’s Eve. But in the field of crypto security, the end of 2022 was also marked by good news, namely the arrest of this hacker who stole $ 110 million.

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