$200 Off Canon 10×32 IS Image Stabilized Binoculars

Grab it from us, these $200 binoculars on Black Friday (will open in a new tab) so worth a pair of Canon 10x32IS binoculars with image stabilization. If you’ve never used image-stabilized binoculars before, they’re a game-changer, and they’re no exception.

B&H is now dropping the price of these binoculars to $899 in honor of Black Friday. (will open in a new tab) making them very competitively priced compared to similar models from Nikon and others. But what can they offer?

A decent 10x magnification provides a wide field of view, making them ideal for birdwatching, wildlife watching, hunting, watching sports and watching air shows. While we don’t necessarily suggest you spend $899 on them specifically for stargazing, they perform very well in low light. 32mm lenses with Canon Super Spectra coating provide the brightest image possible. Canon’s patented coating reduces flare, flare and ghosting, enhancing optical clarity. While we haven’t posted our review on the site yet, we’ve tested them and we’re very impressed with their performance.

But it’s in the stabilization technology that these binoculars really shine. Two image stabilization modes provide a stable image when tracking subjects such as birds or when fixing subjects in one place. Intelligent auto-off means the 2 AA batteries that power the binoculars don’t run out too quickly. Simply hang them vertically on the neck strap or lay them lens-side down on a table and the Canon 10x32IS will automatically disable IS after 10 seconds.

Field-leveling lenses in the Porro prism binocular design prevent optical distortion during observation. A crisp, edge-to-edge image means it’s easy to track moving objects and nothing goes unnoticed. We have used these binoculars to observe Jupiter and we have spotted one or two of its moons, but they are certainly better suited for general purpose observations and wildlife viewing binoculars.

It’s all encased in sleek camouflage green rubber armor that protects the binoculars from bumps and bumps. They are solid in the hand and, while a little bulky, are surprisingly small considering they are equipped with stabilization technology inside.

Be sure to check out’s Black Friday deals page or our guide to the best binoculars or the best night vision binoculars.

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