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Back on Kickstarter for the second time, musicians, engineers, and designers from Brooklyn, New Yorkbased Critter & Guitari failed their new portable music machine in the form of the 201 Musical Synthesizer. The Model 201 is almost pocketsized, “but don’t let its small size fool you!” According to its creators, under the hood is a powerful circuit that will allow you to quickly and easily realize your musical ideas.

“We are Critter & Guitari and are excited to introduce our newest synthesizer: the 201! If you are familiar with our other musical instruments such as Pocket Piano, Organelle, Bolsa Bass or Kaleidoloop, we hope you will see that the 201 is perfect for them: the 201 is fun, portable and packed with a mixture of musical magic!”

At the heart of the 201 are six sound engines that provide a wide range of sound textures. Early sponsor contributions are now available for another project from around £295 to £245 (depending on current exchange rates).

201 Music synthesizer

If 201Musical’s crowdfunding campaign successfully raises the required contribution target and production goes smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to take place around April 2023. To learn more about the 201Musical Synthesizer project, watch the promotional video below.

“There’s a bit of everything here: chiptune waveforms, analog filters, drum samples, realistic physics instrument models, and even a vocal synth. Use the three central controls to explore sounds further. Set the amount of sustain you want or adjust the tone. Or turn the “surprise” knob if you’re brave. Play directly on the keyboard or turn on one of the pattern generators. From simple octave arpeggios to random polyphonic patterns, you’ll be inspired by the notes coming from 201! Use the first knob to set the tempo of the pattern.”

“There is a handy metronome that you can play/record along with it. During the playback of a sequence, you can endlessly change the pattern and synth engine. When you get it just right, hit the save button. You can save “unlimited” sequences (well… not exactly unlimited, but many thousands).”

For a complete list of all available special commitments, additional targets, additional media and synth specs, please visit the official 201Musical Crowdfunding Campaign page by clicking on the link below.
Source: Kickstarter

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