2021 sales and network tips: cheaper wifi routers, repeaters and powerline cnet

Selection updated on January 22, 2021 at 1:00 p.m.: there is still plenty to do business below. Moreover, we have highlighted 3 products offered at heavily discounted prices. The first will allow you to extend your WiFi network at a lower cost, and why not equip your desktop PC with WiFi with a powerful PCI card or, on the contrary, go completely wired thanks to this ethernet switch at a reduced price.

Want to restore health to your connection during the 2021 sales during which promotions flourish online? To help you, here is our selection of great deals, discounts and promotions on network accessories.

Really benefit from the capabilities of your local network and internet

When it comes to network two distinct elements are concerned: the internet network provided by the access provider on the one hand, and the local network which communicates between the elements at home on the other hand. The two are closely linked since once the internet has reached your box operator, the local network takes over.

It is from there that the network accessories, routers, repeaters and other network switches will take over. If you have a great connection but the rest is not optimized or of poor quality, you lose all the benefit of your connection. The exchanges between the elements will also be disturbed. This is something to boost or complete all that.

Our favorite offers

1. Devolo GigaGate, Bridge Wi-FI at 99 € instead of 229 € (Amazon)


2.TP-Link PCI Express WiFi PC Card at 20 € instead of 27 € (Amazon)

PCI card

3. TP-Link Switch 8 ports (TL-SG108) at 18 € instead of 32 € (Amazon)


Our selection of the best network accessories

The various offers are listed in ascending order of price in the following sections.

Router and mesh network




The sales areas at the different brands

You will find all the offers of each e-commerce site by clicking on the links below:

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If you haven’t found what you are looking for, here are other selections concocted by the editorial staff:


  • The promotions relayed here were chosen in complete independence by the editorial staff of according to the importance of the reduction made and the quality of the product, the most interesting are displayed in bold. The list will be updated regularly with new offers, those which are no longer available will also be withdrawn.
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