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The identity of the fallen man is still unknown.

The image of the “falling man” is one of the most characteristic images of the tragedy of September 11, 2001, when the twin towers of the World Trade Center collapsed after being hit by a hijacked plane.

A photograph taken by Richard Drew moments after the horrific attacks shows the untimely death of a man against the backdrop of the steelwork of the North Tower. This is far from the only photograph of the unfortunate people who fell to their deaths during the September 11, 2001 attacks. However, it is the composition of the shot that makes it stand out.

Look below:

The image shows a lone figure neatly bisecting the iconic towers as it flies towards Earth. Although he did not choose his fate, it seems that he accepted it in the last moments of his life. He seems relaxed and at ease in the grip of an unimaginable movement. His arms lie along the body, the left leg is almost casually bent at the knee.

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In all the other images, while the people who were doing what he did – jumping – seemed to be struggling with a terrible difference in scale, the person in the image, on the other hand, was perfectly vertical and matched the lines of the image. buildings behind it.

According to Esquire, this iconic photo is part of a series of 12 shots taken by photojournalist Richard Drew. If Falling Man gives the impression that his character is falling straight down, he didn’t actually fall with the precision of an arrow. He fell like everyone else, like every other jumper, tumbling through the air.

The image was published in American newspapers a few days after the attacks, but due to the reaction of readers, it has sunk into oblivion.

Commenting on the photo, Mr. Drew said many newspaper readers have complained about the image over the years, saying “they didn’t want to see it on their morning cornflakes.” However, he also added that he considers the image important as it shows “a very important part of the story”.

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“It was not just the building that was destroyed, people were involved in this matter. That’s how it affected people’s lives at the time, and I think that’s why this is an important photo. I didn’t film this man’s death. I captured part of his life. That’s what he decided to do and I think I saved him,” he said.

The identity of Falling Man is still unknown. However, according to the New Zealand Herald, attempts have been made to identify the man, and a number of theories have been put forward. The man may have worked at the Windows on the World restaurant at the top of the North Tower, which lost 79 employees. It is also possible that he worked for the catering service Forte Food, which lost 21 employees, mostly Indians, Arabs and Hispanics.

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