3 detective series to tie episodes on Netflix

Lovers of murder mysteries and well thought out investigations, you’ve come to the right place. Numerama recommends 3 thrillers to help you spend your weekend on Netflix: The Sinner, Mindhunter, and Unusual Suspects.

Want to tremble on the couch in front of detective series available on SVOD platforms? We’ve got 3 thrillers for you to watch on Netflix with your best popcorn this Saturday, March 18, 2023.

Therefore, we advise you to explore the recesses of the human soul with The Sinner, penetrate the psychology of serial killers with the Mindhunter, or investigate a robbery with Unusual Suspects.

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Mindhunter // NetflixMindhunter // Netflix

The Sinner is a psychological thriller between True Detective and Twin Peaks.

A mother who committed murder without memory of her act, a teenager who killed her parents, a fatal car accident, a young woman who jumped off a cliff… Each season, The Sinner introduces a new and unique police investigation led by Detective Harry Ambrose. This psychological thriller, whose fourth season is currently a top 10 hit on Netflix, uses an anthology approach to better connect us to the narrative fulcrum: the character of the investigator, subtly embodied by Bill Pullman. (Lost Highway).

But this sleuth is regularly overshadowed by a brilliant cast, from Jessica Biel (House of Seven) to Carrie Coon (The Leftovers, The Gilded Age) to Matt Bomer (FBI Special Duo, American Horror Story). These high-profile actors and actresses deliver stories with twists and turns that sometimes feel like the grand hours of True Detective or Twin Peaks. However, beware: the series uses a rather slow pace, as well as an often unsettling, even unhealthy atmosphere. But with its short seasons (8 episodes each), The Sinner really is the perfect show to watch all weekend long.

  • To see if you liked: True Detective; Twin Peaks; sharp objects; Easttown mare; Broadchurch
  • To see if you are looking for: detective series; chills; Slow pace; psychological riddles; investigation is impossible; thriller; gray; exhausted detective; long episodes; feel the human soul and come out a little depressed

Mindhunter, a horrifying study of serial killers

If you liked David Fincher’s films like Zodiac, Seven or Fight Club, you will definitely love Mindhunter, created by the master of dark detective stories himself. This thriller focuses on the real work of the FBI in the late 1970s to profile serial killers. Agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench team up with psychologist Wendy Carr to envision the beginning of criminal profiling as we know it today. Then they decide to talk to the most horrific American serial killers in history, like Ed Kemper or Charles Manson.

Considered the benchmark of the genre, Mindhunter was unfortunately canceled after two successful seasons. Thus, with its meticulous staging, the series allows us to temporarily immerse ourselves in the terrifying psyches of some of the killers. But Mindhunter shines above all with its lead trio, three absolutely formidable actors who deliver their best performances: Jonathan Groff (Glee, Hamilton), Holt McCallany (Fight Club) and Anna Torv (The Last of Us, “Frontier”). Their chemistry is on every plane, offering a welcome light amidst the bottomless darkness of forensics. Mindhunter is undoubtedly one of the best series available on Netflix, and it would be wrong to miss this surge of tension.

  • To see if you liked: Dexter; Hannibal; Zodiac; Seven
  • Must see if you’re looking for: thriller; serial killers; psychological research; surveys; chills; suspense; cute trio; long episodes; find the sticky atmosphere of Seven; Jonathan Groff who (allegedly) looks like Emmanuel Macron

The Unusual Suspects, an Australian heist to the tunes of Desperate Housewives

Panic on board in an affluent suburb of Sydney: a multi-million dollar necklace has just been stolen. Businesswomen and governesses will then have to work together to uncover this mysterious theft that is sowing discord in the area. Partly inspired by the cult film The Suspects, this Australian series is a great surprise that combines hilarious satirical comedy with serious investigation.

A balancing act close to Desperate Housewives, in which irony, social focus and criminal cases are brought to perfection. Unusual Suspects picks up this fun hodgepodge by moving it to Sydney and developing the story in just 4 episodes that are very easy to watch with avid binge. The beauty of the miniseries is that it’s funny, but it also provides food for thought about social hierarchy, immigration, and the power of sisterhood. Short and effective, Unusual Suspects is the perfect candidate to fill a few hours of your weekend this Saturday, March 18, 2023.

  • To see if you liked: Desperate Housewives; Big little lies; White Lotus
  • A must see if you’re looking for: comedy; social satire; stock ; humor ; drama; Australian atmosphere; feel good; suspense; long episodes; but a short series; make fun of the rich
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