3 games not to be missed in January 2023

Here are 3 promising video games coming to consoles and PC in January 2023.

2023 is off to a fast start, and that goes for the video game world as well. From the first weeks of January, gamers will be able to have fun with a batch of promising titles united in all categories. Here are three games not to be missed in January 2023.

One Piece Odyssey

Manga fans will be thrilled with the upcoming release. The most famous Japanese work in the world (to be discussed) offers an open-world video game in which its iconic characters develop according to an unprecedented adventure. Luffy and his companions are waiting for you to explore Waford Island after an unexpected shipwreck. Narrative and opening are the watchwords of this title, visually very close to anime.

Designed and written in collaboration with One Piece author Eiichiro Oda, Odyssey promises total immersion, fast-paced gameplay, and settings true to the source material. The game will be available for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC on January 13th.

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This is Square Enix’s next big adventure and it’s going to ruin everything. In Forspoken, you play as a young woman straight out of New York who finds herself in a magical world called Atia. Gradually, she discovers that she can manipulate some forces and plays a very important role in saving this mysterious parallel world.

With its ambitious open world and cutting-edge graphics, the game made a strong impression on us during our preview. We love its original storytelling and its quirky humor that we find in the protagonist duo. All that’s left is to discover the full version starting January 24 on PS5 and PC.


SpongeBob Space Shake

We end the month with a good dose of fun and bad humor. SpongeBob returns for the final wacky adventure with Carlo, Sandy and Patrick (not forgetting Plankton). The Cosmic Shake is a direct sequel to Battle for Biniki Bottom and features the same playstyle but with a few extra subtleties.

Thus, it is a 3D platform game in which SpongeBob has to evolve according to the obstacles and his skills in a special multiverse (it’s trendy now). Of course, your epic will not be easy, and there will be problems. The game is available on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC on January 30th.

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As for other offerings, know that the Dead Space remake is also expected on January 27th, as well as Fire Emblem: Engage, which is scheduled for January 20th.

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