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In the twists and turns of video game production, Le Café du Geek selects the 3 most striking releases of the week for you. We offer you long hours of slash and loot PS5 style with Godfall. More humorous, the strategy and action game Les Tuniques Bleues and finally the first sports game that dares to be Next-Gen, NBA 2K21.


One of the rare 100% PS5 titles for the release of the PS5 is finally revealed. Godfall is played out in the fantasy world of Aperion. We are going to be clear, this is all just a pretext and the script, as the dialogues are extremely poor. What is supposed to motivate us are the massacres and the tons of loot to recover.

In terms of combat, we must admit that the studio did an excellent job. There is a real skill to mastering entering weak attack, strong attack, dodge, parry, which makes combat really tactical. Be careful, when the enemies multiply, the slightest mistake in your sequences may hurt you. However, it ended up being repetitive anyway, the fault of the scenario and the lack of variety of situations. This gigantic world is full of loot, but the best will take some effort. There is a lot of flexibility in the allocation of XP points and changing combinations is easy.

Technically this title is it up to the claims of the PS5? Clearly this is not the slap expected totuefois you should not sulk your pleasure. Thus, the universe is really maestuous, the developers love to play with splendid landscapes and titanic architecture. A PS4 could run this title but certainly aps at 60 frames / s, nor with the same fluidity of animation.


Godfall our opinion

A good escape, lovers of massacre, majestic scenery, loots and avatar progressions will be in heaven. This despite a great repetitiveness.

Godfall (PS5)

Godfall (PS5)

The Blue Tunics

A remake of the excellent Les Tuniques Bleues that connoisseurs don’t deny. For others, this title is a mix of strategy and action in the world of comics by Luis Salvérius and Raoul Cauvin. In the midst of the Civil War, they count the adventures of two particularly incompetent and especially lucky northerners.

You are playing on the USA cate and will therefore have to move your troops to conquer states. They are essential, because each state provides an additional stop for the train that runs through the country. Its role is to provide you with ringing and stumbling coins. During the confrontation, you will have to handle with intelligence your guns, your infantrymen and the infantry. Each unit has its strengths and weaknesses and it is necessary to adapt to the cofniguration of the enemies. It sounds simple but succeeds in generating interesting combinations which succeed in diversifying. The game also offers to attack or defend a train or a fort. In the original game it was a 2D action scene. Here we switch to the first person view.

This FPS part is really poorly done, old in design, not very practical gameplay. In the end, we rush into the heap by pulling. Keeping the 2D design and gameplay would have been a better idea. The rest of the game is well done, there is a nice update of the grpahismes for the strategic and tactical phases. The comic strip spirit is there, marked and that’s what pleases.

The Blue Tunics our opinion

A good remake, a strategy game that is easy to learn and fun. The tactical possibilities are numerous, a pity that the action phases are not very convincing.

The Blue Tunics North & South (Nintendo Switch)

NBA 2K21

We have already tested this title on Xbox One and PS4, but the publisher is breaking the bank a bit by offering a next-gen version (tested on Xbox Series X) which is more than a simple adaptation. It starts as soon as the game is launched, almost instantaneous loading times. Content level a lot of new things, it starts with the single player mode which does not change, but the district where you wandered on One now becomes a city. This gives a lot more variety in the moves and many missions that the NPCs give you to earn bonuses.

Your player also gains in clarity and above all in the possibilities of customizing his abilities. The W mode is pretty fun, you play as a woman entering the WNBA. In addition to progressing athletically, you can gain skills as an influencer, businesswoman, fashion icon. This enriches the single player mode and the scenario and it’s a shame that only women can enjoy it.

Technically, the trailers had something to drool over. On the field, we have to admit that the game is beautiful, very beautiful. However, we are far from the slap announced. It’s still very pleasant, superior to the PS4 and Xbox One versions, but there is still a little work to be done to reach the level of the trailer.


NBA 2K21 our opinion

This specific version of NBA 2K21, for PS5 and Xbox Series X, keeps its promises in terms of content, a little less in terms of visual mastery. The most embarrassing thing in our opinion is that buyers of old-gen versions will have to pay the full price again. He’s good, but maybe not that bad.

NBA 2K21 (PS5)

NBA 2K21 (PS5)


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