30-in-1 Game Collection Trailer: Volume 2 – Mini-games between competition and conviviality –

After a first collection released in early 2018, Digital Bards returns with 30-in-1 Game Collection: Volume 2, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

The app brings together 30 mini-games divided into 6 distinct stages represented by 6 islands. In your quest to become the ruler of each of them by winning the trophies of each game, you can also climb the world ranks thanks to an online ranking. The app obviously promotes conviviality with the possibility to play up to 4 players in local multiplayer. Climb, run, jump, blow, avoid missiles … the variety of situations is required in this game sold at 14.99 euros.

30-in-1 Game Collection: Volume 2 is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Through Rob_Bellamy, Writing


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