30-year-old images confirm Venus is a living planet –

Venus has long been a mystery due to its atmosphere, which consists of a thick cloud layer that barely lets in sunlight.

Considering extreme conditions on the surface, with temperatures of 460 degrees, lots of sulfur dioxide and pressures 92 times Earth’s, life seems unlikely, but hard evidence shows the planet is still alive.

An active volcano has been discovered on Venus?

The Venus Express space probe, launched in 2010 by the European Space Agency (ESA), has alerted scientists by detecting temperature peaks in certain areas. However, it is images of Magellan during a mission around the planet in the early 1990s that confirm that Venus is alive.

Scientists analyzed the data from the probe for the hundredth time and noticed topographic changes around the caldera of the Maat Mons volcano. Pictures taken several months apart show that the volcanic crater simply collapsed, as happens when magma erupts.

This is indeed direct evidence that Venus is still alive, which is why she joins this very closed club of Earth and Jupiter’s natural moon Io.


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