326 € the Xiaomi Viomi V3 robot vacuum cleaner if you are fast

Trick: extension Simple Price Alerts (link) of the Chrome browser allows you to be automatically notified of the drop in the price of the products of your choice, including those from Banggood.

The Xiaomi Viomi V3 robot vacuum cleaner

The Xiaomi brand has several daughter brands specializing in different product categories. Viomi is one of them, in the field of smart vacuum cleaners. With the use of a discount coupon, the Banggood merchant lowers the price of the Xiaomi Viomi V3 robot vacuum cleaner. This promotional code makes it possible to increase its price to 326.05 euros (excluding subscription to the optional shipping guarantee). This promotion will appear once the product is in your cart. And to save even more, by opting for the default delivery method, the transport costs of the parcel are offered to you.

This discount is available by accessing this this page. When validating your purchase, you copy the promotional code BGUCZFV3 in the corresponding field. To use this promotional code, you must be logged in to your Banggood account. Warning, the number of uses of this coupon is limited among all Banggood customers. Only the fastest will be able to benefit from this good plan.

The Xiaomi Viomi V3 robot vacuum cleaner

The Viomi V3 confirms if it was still necessary the know-how of the Xiomi subsidiary in the design of robot vacuum cleaners. This model incorporates the best in the field: 2 in 1 mop and suction functions, virus and bacteria filtration, LDS LIDAR laser navigation, configurable by smartphone application, rotating and side brushes, comfortable 4900mAh battery …

The Xiaomi Viomi V3 robot vacuum cleaner

The Banggood site

The Banggood specialized site is expanding rapidly in France. The explanation is simple: this merchant for the whole world presents Hi-Tech products, ranging from mobile devices to quadcopters via the connected home, at prices generally less expensive than the classic giants of online sales.

This is the specificity of the Banggood merchant. We are well used to the giants that are well established in our country, such as Amazon and eBay, Cdiscount as well as Rakuten (ex Price-Minister). Banggood is an international merchant whose borderless expansion is fully assumed. You will notice that the prices presented change subtly between two visits on the site. This is the consequence of the fluctuation in the exchange rate between the euro that a European Internet user will see and the reference dollar.

But make no mistake: these are goods which, upon validation of your basket, will mostly be shipped from Asia or the United States. It should be noted that Banggood is in the process of increasing the number of its warehouses in Europe, which allows it to offer optimized delivery times without the risk of additional costs or delays in customs clearance.

Also note: you will notice that the number of products available is large … but also limited. Explanation: there are products from well-known Asian brands with Huawei, Xiaomi and OnePlus as a bridgehead for mobile devices, or even DJI for drones, but no major brands like Apple or Samsung.

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