337 | NFT (GIRL!) Morning of “special female developers” with Iris from Frens Lands and Camilla from BlocksLab42

GM to everyone for this second morning NFT Girls with JessieJanna as well as Anneliese.
Today we will focus on blockchain developers.
Before we start, here’s a little anecdote: In 2016, a university study by 7 American computer science researchers found that code written by women is more likely to be accepted by their peers when they don’t know who created it.

We first received Iris de Villarsfounder and blockchain developer of a new on-chain game Frens lands. With Iris, we talked about code, the hackathon, how we start developing games on the blockchain.
Follow his advice and participate in hackathons if you want to become a blockchain developer too. Ready to join the Frens Lands beta testers? We’re going! To become part of the testers, also fill out this form:…

We also had the pleasure of talking with Camille de Perrettico-founder BlocksLab42 who told us about the problems with the recruitment of female blockchain developers.
Out of a hundred applications, only one came from the developer!!!
So go ahead and also apply to his blockchain developer agency BlocksLab42. So girls, when do we start blockchain development?

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