35,000 PayPal users have been hacked

The security of personal data is something that all IT companies should always think about. Here IT loses. The “good news” is that there is no startup or IT product that does not have problems in this area. Even Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and other large companies are facing such problems. It’s PayPal’s turn. The latter sent a message to users about a data leak. As a result of a hacker attack, the data of 35,000 PayPal users fell into the wrong hands.

PayPal users have become a new target for cybercriminals

PayPal claims that the attack took place between December 6 and 8, 2022. After that, he took action and began investigating the ways in which the hackers gained access to the accounts. It ended a few days ago. On December 20, the platform’s security department stated that third parties had gained access to PayPal user accounts. But this was not due to a PayPal vulnerability.

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The hackers used the “credential stuffing” method. In it, the software goes through combinations of credentials obtained by hackers in previous leaks. In other words, PayPal user IDs and passwords can be “merged” from other sites before. They could access user data from accounts that did not use two-factor authentication.

PayPal has reset the passwords of vulnerable PayPal accounts. it also began asking users to set new passwords the next time they log into their accounts.

Leakage of user data is a common target of hacker attacks. At the end of December, we learned that scammers were selling the personal data of 400 million Twitter user accounts. Whatsapp Messenger has faced such a problem: there are about 487 million user numbers for sale on the dark web. At the end of November, the data set contained the number of WhatsApp users from 84 countries, almost a quarter of all users of the application.

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