3D Printing: Stratasys Launches Carbon Fiber Material For Wider Adoption

Stratasys announces the launch, for the first time, of a carbon fiber material for its F123 3D series.

Until now, carbon fiber materials were reserved for industrial strength FDM 3D printers for the manufacture of accessories or tools.

By bringing carbon fiber to the F123 series printers, through the FDM material ABS-CF10, Stratasys will bring the material to more end users of the F170, F270 and F370 3D printers.

An alternative to metal parts

ABS stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, a popular thermoplastic polymer for 3D printing. ABS is known for its toughness, ability to withstand high temperatures and resist wear at a low cost.

According to Stratasys, the carbon fiber material is an alternative to metal parts. FDM ABS-CF10 features 10% cut carbon fiber, has 15% higher strength than standard ABS, and is lighter than metal. Stratasys estimates that the market for the manufacturing of additives for polymeric booms and fasteners is expected to represent a market of nearly $ 600 million by 2023.

The hardware will be available in April 2021. Hardware innovations are among the ways in which additive manufacturing will expand. Note that Stratasys recently acquired Origin for $ 100 million to strengthen its ecosystem of materials.

Source: .com

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