3rd dose of vaccine: Olivier Véran should announce a booster for everyone

3rd DOSE. Although this Wednesday, November 24, a health defense council was held to try to find an answer to the 5th wave of coronavirus that is hitting the country, the expansion of the 3rd dose of the Covid vaccine should materialize …


[Mis à jour le 24 novembre 2021 à 17h33] It is BFMTV that announces this Wednesday at the end of the afternoon. The 3rd dose of the Covid vaccine should be generalized to the entire population and gradually integrated into the health pass. In other words, this booster dose should eventually become mandatory for the entire population of vaccine age (those over 12 to date) who wish to maintain their health pass. The news channel also indicates that the deadline for the completion of this 3rd dose should be reduced to 5 months, while to date it was 6 months for the age groups already affected. “The executive would thus follow the expected conclusions of the Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS),” writes BFM, adding that the validity of PCR tests for those who do not have a pass would also be reduced to 24 hours.

These announcements remain to be confirmed. It is the Minister of Health Olivier Véran who must take care of him tomorrow, Thursday, November 25, in the afternoon. At the end of the Defense Council that was held in the Elysee Palace on Wednesday, Gabriel Attal pointed out in any case that new measures will be put in place in the coming days to fight an increasingly 5th wave of virulent coronavirus. He also said that it is the Minister of Health Olivier Véran who will release the details of these measures this Thursday, after consulting with local elected officials and parliamentarians. Without giving details, the government spokesman indicated that it would try to reestablish a series of barrier gestures, strengthen the health pass and intensify the vaccination reinforcement campaign, already underway since this summer.

The expansion of the third dose of the Covid vaccine beyond the age of 50 seems inevitable. If any containment or even curfew appears to have been ruled out, it is through the intensification of the impeachment campaign that the government intends to curb this fifth wave of the epidemic. Today, this third dose (or “booster”) is reserved for those over 65 years of age. Those who already had a health pass have even the obligation to withdraw the vaccine in order to keep it beyond December 15. The vaccine campaign will be expanded, again for this third dose, to more than 50 years starting next Wednesday, December 1. Other age groups could be affected before the holidays.

A third dose of the Covid vaccine for everyone?

After people over age 50, will the age of eligibility for the booster dose be further lowered? This is what the Scientific Council and the Vaccine Strategy Guidance Council are asking for, in two opinions that will continue to be studied at the Elysee Palace. For both authorities, “the epidemic invites to consider a vaccination booster for the entire adult population 6 months after the first vaccination.” This scenario of reducing the age to receive the booster dose seems increasingly inevitable; the government appears to be preparing the ground, regularly emphasizing concerns about the health situation in France. Thus, Gabriel Attal evoked a fifth wave that “starts in a dazzling way”, on Sunday, November 21, on Europe 1: “We have an increase in cases of almost 80% in one week, with 17,000 daily cases”, he specifies. .

According to the Scientific Council, whose opinion was published on November 20, “the hospitalization data justifies a reduction in the age of eligibility for retirement.” Opening the 3rd dose to those over 50 years of age would already allow “a 40 to 50% reduction in the number of hospitalizations and admissions to critical care”, we can read. The Scientific Council also recommends “considering vaccination of the entire adult population 6 months after primary vaccination to curb the epidemic and reduce the number of serious forms.” A notice that follows the various posts published last week.

The Council for Strategic Vaccine Orientation (COSV), an advisory body created by the government on the occasion of the pandemic, questioned in its opinion on Friday, November 19, the current eligibility criteria for the vaccine reinforcement, arguing in particular that this discount in question is a consequence of “the evolution of the epidemiological situation as well as [de] the publication of new scientific studies on the anti-Covid-19 booster vaccine. “For COSV, the effectiveness of vaccination coverage decreases over time, in all age groups:” Several recent studies show a decrease with the time of the effectiveness of primary vaccination against infections (symptomatic or not) by the Delta variant, going from 80-90% two months after the second dose to 50% at six months. This decline continues beyond six months. This drop in efficacy is more pronounced in older subjects, but is found in all age groups. “

A third dose of the Covid vaccine for those over 40?

The protection against severe forms diminishes in the same way, indicates the authority: “A recent study [qui] shows a downward trend in the protection of primary vaccination against severe forms of the disease in all age groups “is notably cited in this opinion. Thus, the COSV concludes:” The data from the modeling of the epidemic urge to consider the vaccination of the entire adult population 6 months after the first vaccination to stop the epidemic and reduce the number of serious forms “.

The third dose for everyone is still an option, nothing has been confirmed yet. But if confirmed, it should be extended in stages to the different target audiences, as was the case with the vaccination campaign that began last December. On Friday, November 19, the High Health Authority (HAS) for its part estimated in another opinion that a booster vaccine against Covid-19 would be necessary for all people over 40 years of age. After those over 50 on December 1, this age group would be the first to be targeted by the authorities if they followed the recommendations.

Who is eligible for the third dose of the Covid vaccine today?

People over 65 must receive their COVID-19 vaccination booster to maintain their health pass beyond December 15 – they have 5 weeks after the 6 months of their last dose to do so. Beginning in early December, people ages 50 to 64 will be able to receive a booster dose. Therefore, today, several audiences are already eligible for the third dose. As the Ministry of Health and Solidarity emphasizes, today this concerns the people most exposed to the risk of developing a serious form of Covid-19, namely:

  • People 65 years of age or older;
  • Residents of EHPAD, USLD (long-term care units) and independent residences;
  • People with very high risk of serious form, from the 12 years;
  • People with comorbidity (s), from the age of 12;
  • Severely immunosuppressed people, from the age of 12;
  • Healthcare professionals;
  • All employees of the health sector and the medical-social sector;
  • All employees in the medical transport sector;
  • Home helpers who work with vulnerable people;
  • Firefighters ;
  • People around immunosuppressed, only in adults over 18 years of age.

As a reminder, immunosuppressed people are people:

  • who have received an organ or hematopoietic stem cell transplant
  • under lymphopenic chemotherapy
  • treated with strong immunosuppressive drugs, such as antimetabolites (cellcept, myfortic, mycophenolate mofetil, imurel, azathioprine) and AntiCD20 (rituximab: Mabthera, Rixathon, Truxima)
  • chronic dialysis after the advice of your treating physician, who will decide on the need for appropriate tests;
  • case by case, people being treated with immunosuppressants that do not fall within the categories mentioned above or with primary immunodeficiency.
  • (since June 18) with chronic lymphocytic leukemia or certain types of lymphoma treated with antiCD20

Is the 3rd dose of the Covid vaccine mandatory?

The third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine is not mandatory. Since Emmanuel Macron’s speech on November 9, however, it has been necessary for those over 65 and the most fragile who want to maintain their health to spend six months after being vaccinated. The Head of State also announced a withdrawal campaign in December for people aged 50 to 64. “We have not finished with the pandemic,” Emmanuel Macron also launched, urging the 6 million French people not yet vaccinated to do so.

Caregivers for whom vaccination has been made mandatory are at this stage eligible for the 3rd dose, but without restrictions. According to the HAS opinion of October 5, 2021, health professionals, all employees of the health sector and the medico-social sector, home helpers who work with vulnerable people, health transport professionals and firefighters, regardless of their status. age, but also relatives (over 18) of immunosuppressed people can receive the booster.

Regarding the places where the booster doses are injected, the Ministry of Health and Solidarity distinguishes two categories. Residents of a nursing home can be vaccinated with the booster dose at home, at the treating physician (general practitioner or specialist), in the departments where they are followed, in a pharmacy, in a nursing or midwifery office., In your dentist. surgeon or in a medical biology laboratory.

The rest of the public eligible for the booster dose, if they do not reside in a nursing home, can be vaccinated at a vaccination center, at their family doctor (general practitioner or specialist), at their work doctor, at a pharmacy. ., in a nursing or midwifery office, in hospital services where you are followed, in your dentist or in a medical biology laboratory. In the second case, some of these health professionals may agree to come to your home to administer this vaccine. In addition, all information about the vaccination sites is available on the Santé.fr website.

Modern, side effects and third dose

At first, the Haute Autorité de Santé had “advised against” the use of the Moderna vaccine as a booster dose. To justify this decision, the HAS relied on a Scandinavian study highlighting the risk of myocarditis in people under 30 years of age. Announcements from various health authorities have highlighted the remaining unknowns about the dose and target population for withdrawal by Spikevax (Moderna vaccine, editor’s note) and justify waiting for the European body to provide the expected details in the context of marketing. authorization under examination “.

After the study, the Moderna vaccine finally received EMA approval. “The data showed that a third dose of Spikevax given six to eight months after the second dose resulted in increased antibody levels in adults with decreasing antibody levels,” the European Medicines Agency (EMA) said in a press release.

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