3rd festive and eventful evening for Urban Empire in Limoges

There were no incidents on the Beaulant Esplanade last night. I must say that the program was more like a party with hip-hop, reggae and ska.

Headliners of the evening, Spanish bands Ska-P fulfilled their contract by making the Limojo audience dance to their syncopated rhythms. The flagship of the militant ska-punk of the 90s and 2000s, Madrid picked up their hits against bullfighting or for the legalization of cannabis.

Earlier evening started with the driving atmosphere of the band Zufris Maracathen in a different style the schoolboy refrains from SwinkelsGroup hip-hop French created in 94 and recently reformed.

Tiken I torchesicon of rebellious reggae, yesterday completed their two and a half month long tour in Limoges. At the heart of his musical battles: social injustice in Africa, but also, more recently, the environment.

Tonight at closing, the public will be able to listen to the texts Zaz or Grand Corps Malade, for one of the key nights of this edition.

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