3rd video game of the week: Ghostwire Tokyo, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and Gran Turismo 7

In the twists and turns of video game production, Le Café du Geek brings you the top 3 releases of the week. Ghostwire Tokyo invites us on an esoteric immersion in a perfectly rendered Tokyo. As for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, it’s just a completely crazy looter shooting game that will make you smile and blow off some steam. Finally, Gran Turismo 7 is a video game journey through the world of tracks and cars.

Ghostwire Tokyo

You play as Akito, a young resident of Tokyo, who turned out to be the only living resident of the Japanese capital. Indeed, all the inhabitants have mysteriously disappeared, the city is now overrun with supernatural beings. A mysterious spiritual being merges with you, saving you from trouble. Therefore, you will try to unravel the mystery associated with this phenomenon, find the cause and try to save as many people as possible, including your sister.

We are passionate about the flashy intro video, and the ones that follow are no less. It’s a pity that they’re a bit rare and that the narrative sometimes takes a backseat to take precedence over the action. Our playground is 1:1 scale Tokyo, and that alone is a big feat. The battles between the real world and the ethereal world are very intense and enjoy natural gameplay. We are not lost in orders, progress is very active.

Technically, it is almost flawless and, above all, it creates a unique atmosphere. A deserted city, a bestiary, a play of light, we encounter a universe as captivating as it is oppressive. The paranormal inspiration comes from both Japanese cinema and its folklore, which gives us plenty of enemies and whose variety avoids too much repetition. The developers have also added a few puzzles and infiltration phases to add variety.

Ghostwire Tokyo, our review

2022 in video games starts with a bang, and this title is part of it. This blend of esotericism, AD-served Japanese culture, and high-end tech makes it a must-have.

Horizon Forbidden West (PS5)

Horizon – Forbidden West (PlayStation 5)

Tiny Tina’s Wonderland

Tina, one of the iconic characters in Borderlands, is also a big fan of RPGs. She never stops playing and mixing ideas to create memorable games. True, she has a tendency to change the rules on the fly, but is it really that important? Thus, we are in a role-playing sauce shooter and, above all, raised by a real madness.

Structurally, it remains very close to Borderlands, but the creative genius almost makes us forget it. A fantasy universe that is as serious as it is whimsical, paired with some really crazy shaded graphics, we just love it. Admittedly, the humor can be a little too borderline for some, but you really have to be sensitive not to get carried away. Combat is intense, very well rendered, with a menu of firearms, spells, and a few rare melee phases.

We get great pleasure playing this game, enjoying its advertisements and humor. In solo the game is already pleasant, but in multiplayer you really come off. In the cooperative there is a real symbiosis of the players participating in the game.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, our review

If not perfect, then the spin-off Borderlands is really fun. One of the good surprises of this year and we are waiting for you online for a good psycho fantasy punk trip.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderland (PS4)

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands for PlayStation 4

Gran Turismo 7

Faced with Forza on Xbox, the PlayStation universe has lost its appeal to motorsport fans. The Gran Turismo legend has lost its splendor and is counting on this seventh installment to return in style. For Polyphony, it quickly comes down to getting back to basics. The declared goal is to return to us the taste of the game, the challenge of the first opuses with the opening of online and new AI.

With over 420 perfectly modeled cars, hundreds of tracks, we are entitled to rich and varied content. Everything is based on the symbolic GT mode, which uses a very classic progression. You start with a small car and the more events you win, the more points and virtual money you earn. They are required to pass ten permits, each of which opens up a whole new world of competition. The Music Rally mode left us questionable, simple races where the BMP evolves by the clock. There is little interest and pleasure from the GT mode, it does not bring. Let’s talk about music, they are numerous, but not very exciting. Fortunately, the symphony of engines is mesmerizing.

The grip is very pleasant, Dual Sense provides precise and responsive driving. What strikes us most, however, is the control of vibrations. We can feel the roar of engines and change gears only with sensations. They will also make you feel the surface of the roads, the roll of the turns. Faced with AI, a big disappointment. The one that is declared revolutionary has not yet been implemented, and the current one is far from brilliant.

If the studio hasn’t yet taken the time to pitch its AI to us, it has had time to develop an entire microtransaction system after a patch released a few days after the game’s release. 60 euros per game. Otherwise, it’s visually beautiful, the lighting effects are really sublime. On the other hand, we remain convinced that the PS5 is still underutilized.

Gran Turismo 7, our review

This video game raises the torch with flair, guaranteeing fun above all else. If we eliminate pettiness in microtransactions, the job is done. There is still some work to be done to become the benchmark for car games again.

Gran Turismo 7 (PS5)

Gran Turismo 7 (PlayStation 5)

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