45-year-old biotech entrepreneur says he has 5 years younger body with special program

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Brian Johnson, a 45-year-old biotech entrepreneur, has developed an ambitious anti-aging program called Blueprint, in which he is the first contributor. Two years after completing this special program, he claims to be biologically “rejuvenated” by several years. Medical tests did show that he now has the heart of a 37-year-old man and the lung capacity of an 18-year-old.

Brian Johnson is an American entrepreneur passionate about technology and, above all, biotechnology. In particular, he heads the Kernel company, which creates devices for monitoring and analyzing brain activity. In October 2021, he launched the Blueprint project, which aims to reverse the biological age of every organ in the human body as much as possible. This pilot program essentially consists of optimal nutrition, including nutritional supplementation, and regular exercise.

The nature and amount of nutrients, as well as exercise, were determined and adapted based on a variety of biological data. The program is led by Dr. Oliver Zolman, a specialist in regenerative medicine and founder of 20one Consulting Ltd, a company that studies and tests treatments to reverse the aging process; it was also supported by over 30 health experts. To rejuvenate his body, Brian followed a very strict daily schedule and underwent many body tests. He also shelled out nearly $2 million a year, according to Bloomberg.


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More than a hundred biological markers are carefully monitored

“He wants to have the brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, tendons, teeth, skin, hair, bladder, penis and rectum of an 18-year-old,” sums up journalist Ashley Vance. To do this, Johnson follows strict guidelines: his strictly vegan diet is limited to 1,977 calories per day. Each day, he starts by taking two dozen supplements and medications (lycopene, turmeric, zinc, metformin, lithium, etc.) that are known to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and other beneficial properties; more than half is eaten again during lunch.

“Super Vegetarian”, Brian Johnson’s first daily meal, consisting of lentils, broccoli, cauliflower, and mushrooms, among others. © Brian Johnson

He exercises for one hour every day, three of which are at “high intensity.” However, he gives his body a well deserved rest: he goes to bed at the same time every day, taking a melatonin pill and wearing blue light blocking glasses for two hours, which is not only known to disrupt sleep regulation, accelerate the aging of the retina.

The largest organ of his body, namely his skin, needs special care to repair the damage caused by the sun: at least seven creams are applied daily, as well as weekly peels and laser treatments.

To monitor the effects of this rigorous program, he constantly monitors his biological markers: weight, body fat, temperature, blood sugar, heart rate, vision, hearing, etc. In addition, he undergoes dozens of medical check-ups every month, such as blood, fecal and urine tests, as well as MRI and colonoscopy. “What I’m doing may seem extreme, but I’m trying to prove that self-destruction and decay are not inevitable,” Johnson told Bloomberg.

The physical condition of an 18-year-old.

One thing is for sure: no matter how complex the program is, it looks like it’s paying off. Doctors’ tests show that Johnson now has the heart of a 37-year-old, the skin of a 28-year-old and the lung capacity of an 18-year-old. “All the markers we track have improved a lot,” said Dr. Jeff Toll, one of the team members. Some parts of his body show even more pronounced rejuvenation: doctors report that his gums and the rhythm of nocturnal erections are similar to those of a 17-year-old!

In the end, these intense efforts resulted in a world record epigenetic age change of 5.1 years and a 24% slowdown in its aging rate, according to a stakeholder. More than a hundred of his biomarkers correspond to an age below his true age, and in general his physical condition corresponds to an 18-year-old. “Now I feel happier, more alive and fulfilled than ever in my life. I have become better at relating to others, I have ceased to be irritable and I have a clear mind, ”he wrote on a website dedicated to the project.

The procedure comes with some risks and, of course, must be carried out under the supervision of professionals: during this extraordinary experiment, Johnson’s body fat percentage dropped to 3%, which threatened the health of his heart. To quickly fix the problem, his team adjusted his diet to distribute calories differently. A recent injection of fat into the face also caused a spectacular allergic reaction, according to a Bloomberg journalist. The aim of the intervention was to build a framework of fat in order to restart the production of fat cells, which gradually decreases with age.

According to his doctors, he will have to undergo many more experimental procedures, including gene therapy. In the meantime, his entire program, including the recipes for his various meals and a description of his daily physical training, as well as the results obtained so far, are detailed on his website. He also created the Rejuventaiton Olympic Games website, which ranks 1,750 people in the world who are trying to fight the sway of the times; Johnson is currently number one and hopes that others will want to follow her program after hearing about her amazing results.


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