5 Best Mechanical Keyboards for Gaming: Fast and Accurate

When you’re gaming, whether for fun or professionally, using a mechanical gaming keyboard is different from others.

The main difference between traditional keyboards and mechanical keyboards (the latter has been around for decades) is that mechanical keyboards use individual switches and metal springs built into each key, rather than rubber domes that complete a circuit when pressed.

Mechanical gaming keyboards are known to be more accurate, durable, and more comfortable to use for long periods of time because they require less finger pressure. When it comes to gaming, accuracy and speed are everything. Therefore, it is not surprising that many gamers opt for mechanical keyboards if they can.

Below, has compiled our top pick of 2022 mechanical keyboards for gamers, designed for hobbyists, professionals, and a variety of budgets.

Corsair K100 RGB mechanical keyboard, the world’s best mechanical gaming keyboard

Functions : Optical keys

This excellent mechanical keyboard, the K100 from Corsair, stands out from the rest with its design and functionality. Corsair has focused on improving keyboard response times with optical and mechanical keys and Axon technology, which the firm claims delivers up to 8x faster performance than other gaming keyboards.

If you’re a fan of RGB lighting, you’ll love the 44 zones that Corsair includes. The keyboard also features an iCUE wheel, macro keys, media controls, and a palm rest. You will need to install the Elgato streaming software.

Advantages of the Corsair K100 RGB mechanical keyboard:

  • High performance
  • RGB backlight

Cons of the Corsair K100 RGB mechanical keyboard:

Corsair K100 RGB Mechanical Keyboard, €221 at Amazon

Razer Pro Type Ultra is the best choice for gaming and productivity

Functions : Designed for productivity and work from home.

The Razer Pro Type Ultra is a mechanical keyboard designed for both gaming and work. The keyboard doesn’t offer that satisfying “click” that some gamers crave; instead, the manufacturer introduced “yellow” mechanical stabilizers and switches to reduce noise. The simple design may appeal to pros more than amateur gamers.

Razer Pro Type Ultra Benefits:

  • Classic and clean design
  • Wide and comfortable wrist support

Cons of the Razer Pro Type Ultra:

  • White LED light only

Razer Pro Type Ultra Mechanical Keyboard, €200 at Amazon

Steelseries Apex Pro is the best solution for personalizing your gaming experience

Functions : Adjustable switches

The Steelseries Apex Pro has been on the market for a few years now, but it still stands out as a solid mechanical keyboard for gamers. This product has a large keyboard, a large palm rest, and mechanical switches whose sensitivity can be adjusted, which is an unusual addition. Also, the keyboard is enclosed in an aluminum frame.

Steelseries Apex Pro Benefits:

  • RGB backlight
  • Customizable key sensitivity

Steelseries Apex Pro Cons:

  • Expensive
  • Might be too big for some tables

Steelseries Apex Pro Mechanical Keyboard, €190 at Amazon

Logitech G413, the best at an affordable price

Functions : A simple yet solid entry-level keyboard.

The Logitech G413 is a great entry-level mechanical keyboard. The G413 resembles traditional keyboards in both key layout and frame, with an aluminum top case, PBT keys, and tactile switches.

Advantages of the Logitech G413:

  • Accessible
  • wear-resistant

Cons Logitech G413:

  • Has only one white backlight per key

Logitech G413 Mechanical Keyboard, €65 at Amazon

Alienware AW510K Mechanical Keyboard

Functions : Low Profile Cherry MX Red Switches

The Alienware Lunar Light AW510K Mechanical Keyboard is a slim and sleek mechanical keyboard with customizable keys and controls. This adjustable wired keyboard also features volume controls, onboard memory, and Cherry MX Red low-profile switches.

Alienware AW510K Benefits:

  • Programmable keys
  • Slim form factor
  • RGB backlit keys

Cons Alienware AW510K:

Alienware RGB AW510K Mechanical Keyboard, €221 at Amazon

Which mechanical keyboard is best for gaming?

We’ve rounded up the best Corsair K100 RGB mechanical gaming keyboard. The optical switches and quick response of this keyboard make it a trendsetter and will especially appeal to gamers on a tight budget. RGB lighting and an aluminum body add elegance.

Corsair K100

Optimized for games: Yes
Customizable lighting/keys : Yes
Price : 221€

Razer Pro Type Ultra

Optimized for games: nope
Backlight / customizable keys: nope
Price : 200€

Steelseries Monkey Pro

Optimized for games: Yes
Backlight / customizable keys: Yes
Price : 190€

Logitech G413

Optimized for games: nope
Backlight / customizable keys: nope
Price : 65€

Alienware AW510K

Optimized for games: Yes
Backlight / customizable keys: Yes
Price: 221€

Which mechanical gaming keyboard is right for you?

There are many mechanical gaming keyboards on the market, and when choosing, you need to consider how much desktop or space you have, how much importance you place on key customization, and how much you are willing to spend.

  • Choose the Corsair K100 if you need maximum performance.
  • Choose the Razer Pro Type Ultra if you want to combine work and play.
  • Choose Steelseries Apex Pro if you want to customize the sensitivity of each key.
  • Choose the Logitech G413 if you’re looking for a budget option.
  • Choose the Alienware AW510K if you want a slim form factor.

How did we choose these mechanical keyboards for gaming?

There are a wide variety of mechanical gaming keyboards on the market today, especially among gamers and professionals who prefer them over more traditional chiclet keyboards.

When choosing, we took into account the main manufacturers of peripherals known in the field, as well as products suitable for a wide range of budgets.

Should you buy a mechanical gaming keyboard?

The use of the keyboard is of course dependent on subjective experience and personal preference. However, if you like more stable and better keyboards, the investment is worth it. It is also worth noting that mechanical keyboards that are in good condition can last much longer than their membrane counterparts.

Are mechanical gaming keyboards really better for gaming?

If you’re a gamer enthusiast, everyone agrees that mechanical gaming keyboards can ultimately allow you to react faster and more accurately, which can be the deciding factor in high-speed races or tournaments. When you need to use multiple keys and fast, chiclet keyboards can be inaccurate or slow in comparison.

Is it harder to type on a mechanical gaming keyboard?

Whether you’re trying out a different keyboard layout or learning to type, using a mechanical gaming keyboard can be a learning curve. In and of itself, your accuracy and speed depend on your typing skills, not the typing you use, and so – at least initially – typing can be more difficult at first. However, if you like the audible “click” of most mechanical keyboards and the feel of individual springs, this might at least be better.

Should other mechanical keyboards be considered?

When selecting the best products on the market, we focused on ease of use, versatility and features suitable for people new to mechanical keyboards and those who are accustomed to playing these types of keyboards.

However, there are other mechanical keyboard options worth considering:

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