5 HBO Max reveals that Warner Bros. Opening should not be canceled

We love HBO Max. This is our pick for the best streaming service. That’s partly because of his fantastic library of stuff, which ranges from HBO classics to Studio Ghibli movies, Criterion Collection selections, and even friends. HBO Max was there for you.

Unless you’re a Batgirl movie, Scoob! the sequel, or those eight Max Originals films that disappeared unnoticed. Everything is focused on efforts to reduce costs. Then the news about the merger of HBO Max and Discovery Plus came into the spotlight. The demise of HBO Max was seemingly out of the question.

However, it’s hard to feel safe right now as anyone who worked for a company that was recently acquired by another (HBO’s parent company Max WarnerMedia was acquired by Discovery in April of this year). So, we’ve decided to present the five shows we really need to stay on HBO Max in the coming years.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering why Peacemaker isn’t on this list? James Gunn (will open in a new tab) already said it’s safe. In addition, the third season of The Flight Attendant, according to HBO executive Casey Bloys, depends solely on whether its producers want to return.


Nathan Fielder watches a 16-camera monitor with captions inside the house he lives in in

(Image credit: HBO)

Okay, I’ll say this right off the bat, The Rehearsal is not so much an HBO Max show as it is an HBO show. It can be confusing since it airs on HBO Max, but it’s a show with a scheduled airtime on HBO and it’s classified as an HBO show. But this is no ordinary HBO show.

The Rehearsal, if you haven’t heard it yet, might be one of the weirdest and arguably hardest shows to produce on HBO Max outside of House of the Dragon. In the first episode, Nathan Fielder’s team recreated their guest’s apartment as a set, as well as an entire bar in Williamsburg to boot. Staged versions of these locations were used for “rehearsals,” where Fielder walks his guest – whom he’s supposedly trying to help – through every possibility of an upcoming conversation or event that concerns them.

In addition, there is also the issue of the house where Fielder and the woman are staying, and the many child actors who pretend to be their children. Damn inconvenient and probably more expensive than HBO Max or Warner Bros. like it – we’re not sure how big its audience is – The Rehearsal is still one of the best shows on HBO Max and we hope it holds up. We’re not sure when to expect a second season announcement as the first season is still airing.

Status: Season 1 airs on Fridays
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harley quinn

Harley Quinn season 3

(Image credit:

Here’s the thing about Harley Quinn, the very adult DC animated series on HBO Max: It’s not for everyone. Some D.C. traditionalists may be put off by his strange views of Commissioner James Gordon (excellently voiced by Christopher Meloni) and everything he does with the bat family. Heck, even DC reportedly pulled out of the series once because of a sex scene with Batman and Catwoman that was later turned into a foot massage. (will open in a new tab).

I’m not sure how expensive a Harley Quinn should be. His budget could go to his excellent voice actors first and foremost. Kaley Cuoco excels as Miss Quinn, Lake Bell has given us one of the best Poison Ivy ever, Ron Funches is delighted as Shark King, and Jason Alexander is a pleasant surprise as Cy Borgman. Oh, and as noted above: Christopher Meloni is a deranged Jim Gordon. But in a world where a Batgirl movie could be mothballed for not hitting the right tone for their DC plans, hopefully Harley Quinn doesn’t pull the carpet out from under her feet. Fans of the character are already familiar with WB’s mismanagement, as Birds of Prey was poorly released through no fault of his.

Status: Season 3 airs on Thursdays
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Jean Smart and Hannah Einbinder in the second season of Hacks

(Image credit: HBO Max)

Possibly the best Max Original, Hacks is about a couple of toxic work situations in Las Vegas. At the center, you have comedy legend Deborah Vance (Jean Smart, as All Life) who is a snarky force to be reckoned with and needs help to revitalize her career. Her agent then introduces her to Ava (Hannah Einbinder), an up-and-coming writer who has been blacklisted for several controversial tweets. Meanwhile, Deborah’s agent Jimmy (series creator and writer Paul W. Downes) is busy with his assistant, Kayla (Megan Stalter), who changes the definition of inappropriate behavior on a weekly basis.

Hacks may be getting a third season, but production hasn’t started yet, and who knows when Warner Bros. Discovery might change its mind. Seriously, watch Hacks (and every other show on this list) right now to make sure his numbers are strong, even in the off-season.

Status: Renewed for Season 3
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Sexual life of female students

college girls sex life poster

(Image credit: HBO Max)

Don’t judge a show by its title, as Coed Sex Lives might just be using its title as a way to get in the door. Hopefully Warner Bros. Discovery executives weren’t so embarrassed, as this well-written and acted series about female college friendships deserves more than just a second season for which it’s been renewed. As every college student knows, this takes (at least) four years. This series from Mindy Kaling and Justin Noble impressed people so much that the second season featured four young women who move into apartments at the fictional University of Essex in Vermont.

Whitney (Alia Chanel Scott) is a star athlete who struggles with the fact that her mother is a famous politician; Layton (Rene Rapp) – closed heritage; Bela (Amrit Kaur) loves her comedies; and Kimberly (Pauline Chalamet, yes, Timothée’s sister) is smart and gets a scholarship. While the show does have romance and sex, the show is more about everything else that makes college hard, like friendship, parents, class, and anxiety. Critics’ scores don’t matter much to executives, but these students have a 97% score on Rotten Tomatoes. (will open in a new tab)that there is nothing to cough.

Status: Renewed for season 2
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Our flag means death

Taika Waiti as Captain Blackbeard in Our Flag Means Death

(Image credit: Aaron Epstein/HBO Max)

“Our Flag Means Death,” colloquially known as the “gay pirate show,” is a fantasy period piece in which wealthy Barbadian aristocrat Steed Bonnet (Rhys Darby) gets bored with his normal life (and unhappy marriage) and decides to become a pirate . He is not made for the job at all and wants to be a “gentleman pirate”. And this leads to all sorts of disagreements with his crew. Eventually, he meets Edward (Taika Waititi), a fellow pirate who is actually Blackbeard. Possible relationships and chaos arise.

So season 2 of Our Flag Means Death (like Hux’s next season) has been confirmed. And he has a huge fan base. And research firm Parrot Analytics (will open in a new tab) rated it as having “exceptional” audience demand. But I’m still worried about the long-term future of Stede, Ed and the rest of the team. Maybe it’s just the ghost of the confirmed and then canceled fourth season of Glow that haunts me to this day, but the annoyingly long wait fans experienced before this Max Original was renewed really worries me as fans have been waiting since 24 March to June. 1 for announcement. Refinement by Warner Bros. The Discovery deal (April 8) may have delayed the renewal process, but I have some concerns about that.

Status: Renewed for season 2
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