5-star estate in Bel Ombre: gardener grows hemp in two luxury villas

Agents from the Southern Narcotics Division, led by Assistant Superintendent Chitu, raided a luxury residential complex in Bel Ombre on Tuesday, August 30. This 5-star site includes about thirty luxury villas with sea views. The place is very safe and the gardener who worked on the site thought he was safe from DEA visits.

Louis Kevin M., 45, suspected of growing cannabis and drug trafficking, was under the supervision of Adsou de Savanne. And on Tuesday, August 30, armed with a search warrant, the police arrived at the scene. During a search of two villas, the suspicions of the police were confirmed. Seventeen cannabis plants ranging in size from 16 to 30 cm were found in the courtyard of two villas. They were empty because their owner was not in the country. In one bag, officers found 42.51 grams of marijuana. There were also 43 bags of marijuana ready for sale. The market value of the seized drugs is estimated at 900,000 rupees. The alleged manufacturer has been detained. He will face a preliminary charge of drug trafficking before a Souillac trial.


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