5 tips for gardening when you don’t have a thumb

Our easy gardening tips – Canva

Choose plants that require minimal care

It is quite possible to pick up plants that do not require special attention and thus simplify your life. A hedge is very useful for dividing a space, but it needs to be trimmed regularly. The same for roses. Instead, plant heather, bamboo, or perennials such as lavender or jasmine. You can also draw inspiration from Mediterranean gardens, which are made up of heat-tolerant, wind-tolerant plants that grow on rocky soil and require little watering. Install aromatic plants such as thyme, sage or oregano and enjoy a garden that smells of the south and summer.

Mulching practice

The art of mulching or mulching is really good for the garden and the good news is that you can make mulch yourself thanks to robot lawn mowers. These 2.0 mowers use their razor-sharp blades to cut blades of grass into very small pieces that you leave lying on your lawn. When broken down, they turn into a natural fertilizer that provides the soil and lawn with essential nutrients. Mulching also prevents weeds and retains moisture in the soil during times of drought. You also don’t have to think about green waste disposal. In short, mulching has only advantages.

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Water is smarter

Plants, like humans, need water to survive. Watering is an important step in garden maintenance. Your plants, shrubs, and other flowers need water to grow, but not necessarily the same amount. Create a watering schedule with a reminder so you know where you are and never miss a planting. If you choose hardy plants that grow well despite minimal rainfall, your job will become even easier.

Protect your plants

There is little you can do about frost and drought unless you have the power to control the weather. On the other hand, you can protect your plants and lawn from small pests. White vinegar repels animals and is effective against curious dogs that like to dig up plants. Sprinkle the outlines of your flower beds with a little vinegar and watch your flowers grow stress-free. Mint repels ants, and pepper is formidable against worms and slugs. These granny gardening tips are very effective and don’t cost a dime.

Make mowing easier

A beautiful lawn requires regular mowing. And even if the current trend is towards argumentative mowing, you will still need to mow the grass. The Robotic Lawnmower is the best ally for your garden because it maintains it on its own. There is no need for intervention on your part. Simple programming and you’re done. The robot lawnmower is suitable for any terrain and works in any weather. Rain or heat, flat or steep garden, this stand-alone mower gets the job done and has many benefits. You can buy them at a DIY store, but you’ll probably find the best deals online, thanks in part to attractive discounts even outside the sales period.

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