5 tips for surviving PlayStation Hunt

21 months, 639 days, 15336 hours PlayStation 5 is out of stock. Since its launch, Sony’s next-gen console has been in short supply, and there’s plenty to get on your nerves. Still haven’t received your copy of PS5? Here are 5 tips for surviving the toughest hunt (and coming out victorious).

Scan the internet, you’ll have to

Since the launch of the PlayStation 5, Sony’s strategy has been to focus on online sales. Result: finding a console on the Internet is much easier than in stores. Some brands offer you to sign up for a waiting list, but you’ll have to be patient. Forget the thought of walking through the door of the nearest high-tech store and quietly walking out with a PS5 under your arm.

Methodical and organized, you will

The hunt on PlayStation 5 is organized and prepared. With a little method, you will be able to exit the game. Make a list of online stores that sell the console. In Belgium, they can be found at Fnac, Coolblue, MediaMarkt, Amazon and Cdiscount stores. Go to each of these sites and create an account. Enter your personal and bank details, you will save valuable time when checking your shopping cart. Often it is at this point in the case of replenishment that it becomes difficult and the PS5, torn in a bitter struggle, flies out of the order. If websites offer this, add the console to your wish list as well. In the event of a return of an item, you will be personally notified by e-mail.

At Sony closed sales, you will register

Are you unlucky in restocking games? You still have Sony private sales. In order to counter speculators and soften gamers, the Japanese manufacturer organizes invite-only and raffle sales privileges. To participate, you must first register using your PlayStation Network account and enter your details on this dedicated page. There are no guarantees of buying a PS5 at stake (sales are still available, it looks like the snake is biting its own tail), but if you poach the console in this way, you will not pay the gold price for it.

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Eyes and ears you will open

Let your eyes wander over the specialized blogs and listen. Influencers can find information ahead of time and are a good source of information on the restocking status. Twitch, Twitter, or Discord are great PS5 tracking networks.

In desperation you won’t give up

Disappointment and despair are in your head, and are you ready to buy a PS5 for 800 €? You are the sole judge on board, and, we acknowledge you, it is hard to resist the sirens of profiteers. The race for the PlayStation 5 is looking more and more like a guerrilla war where all shots are allowed. Don’t lose hope, because every day gamers (finally) get their hands on a precious treasure. Your turn will come soon, that’s for sure!

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