5G: Emmanuel Macron defends 5G and mocks his detractors –

The President of the Republic spoke about 5G and brushed aside the concerns of opponents. “I hear many voices being raised to explain to us that we should take up the complexity of contemporary problems by returning to the oil lamp. I do not believe that the Amish model allows to meet the challenges of the contemporary economy“, he declared in a speech delivered yesterday at the Elysee Palace, in front of digital players. An answer that should make people talk, at a time when some mayors of large cities have recently asked for a moratorium on 5G and a additional time before its installation in France.

However, it has opened a door to allow those who wish to debate the most controversial issues and thus clarify the gray areas:

France is the land of the Enlightenment, of innovation. Many of the challenges we have, across all sectors, will be addressed through innovation. We will explain, debate, dispel doubts, wring our necks out of all the misconceptions, but yes, France will take the 5G turn. […] We will continue to equip, innovate, but simply innovation must not be only technological, it must also be societal and social. We have to face fears. There are fears linked to these innovations, they must be lifted by telling the truth “.

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