6 Gadget Projects That Look Good on Your Resume

Including gadget designs on your resume will help showcase your wide range of skills to potential employers, including programming languages, electrical engineering, knowledge of hardware and software, troubleshooting, creativity, and more.

However, sometimes it can be difficult to figure out how to list such projects on your resume. If you don’t know where to start, consider using resume template to help you organize your resume professionally.

Also, instead of a detailed description of your gadget project, it’s often easier to include a link to a portfolio website that contains more detailed information, or to the technology itself. For apps that are not easy to test, you can enable a screen recording of the app in action or a video demonstrating how it works.

Here are six gadget project ideas that will impress potential employers:

1. Fintech projects

Fintech is in high demand, and projects like this showcase your ability to handle data privacy, integrity, and security issues. Creating a functional fintech application can also demonstrate your skills in financial processes such as payroll, cash flow, inventory, etc.

This type of project can be especially useful if you plan to work in finance, technology, information technology, or related industries.

2. Instant messaging application projects

Building a communication platform, such as an instant messaging app, is a relatively easy way to showcase your programming skills. You can use existing libraries and APIs to build your project, but try to include a unique feature that makes your application different from existing platforms.

3. Ecommerce application projects

When it comes to ecommerce app projects, the possibilities are almost endless. You can create a web version of an eCommerce store and then make an app version or create an app with your own components. Familiarity with ecommerce and app building is a highly desirable skill that many employers will be happy to see on your resume.

4. Solar electronics projects

Solar energy is the future of energy, so showing familiarity and interest in solar technology is a great way to show that you are a good fit for the solar industry or for companies that produce solarrelated technology. For a solar gadget project, you can create something like a solar charger for phones and other mobile devices. This is a great way to showcase your understanding of how solar energy works and put your knowledge into practice in a project that will come in handy in your daily life.

5. Fingerprint Security Designs

A fingerprintbased security system is a bit more complex, but it can show an interest in security and a good command of engineering and programming. You can create a fingerprint scanner that either allows access to all authorized employees or only allows access to the main user.

6. Passwordbased circuit breaker designs

This type of project is also useful in a solar or electrical installation, as the main purpose of a passwordbased circuit breaker is to avoid accidental electric shock during electrical grid repairs. You can create a gadget that allows whoever has the password to turn the power system on and off.

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