6 high-tech devices to limit the risk of burglary

July 13, 2021 update : for the undecided or those who want complete protection we have added a sixth proposition to this article. It is a kit combining alarm, movement and opening detector or even a surveillance camera.

No one is safe from an intrusion into their home: in country houses, downtown buildings, studios and even small, unpretentious dwellings, burglars seize the slightest opportunity to enter and steal some items. Looking primarily for cash or high-tech accessories that are easy to carry (smartphones, connected watches, laptops, etc.), they know full well that they can find what they are looking for almost anywhere. And this is one of the reasons why burglary does not decrease in France. A crime recorded 234,300 times in 2019 by the government.

However, some devices can be dissuasive against thieves and reassuring for owners. We think in particular of connected surveillance cameras, intelligent security systems or even the latest alarms. Modern objects capable most of the time of being used remotely over the Internet.

So if you are interested in home automation, we present five types of connected objects that can help you keep your peace of mind when you are away from home.

1. The connected camera, now within the reach of all budgets

It was long believed that the surveillance camera was reserved for the financially well-off. Today, this is no longer the case: we of course identify very sophisticated references that cost several hundred euros, but we also find much cheaper devices, below 70 €. Products to be preferred, especially if you have a small budget and several parts to equip.

The cameras are obviously there to film everything that moves, but sometimes also to hear. Files are often stored both locally on a microSD card and in the cloud. Some models are even equipped with a SIM card to deal with the eventuality of an Internet cut by the kidnappers. You can also monitor remotely through an application what is happening in your home and be alerted in the event of abnormal movement.

2. The door opening detector: discreet and efficient

While a camera is likely to be easily spotted by burglars, a door opening detector may not. It is an easy to install object that can also be attached very well behind a window or even a garage door. Concretely, as soon as a door opens during your absence, you will receive a notification on your smartphone. Some objects are compatible with voice assistants such as Alexa or Google Assistant.

3. The motion sensor: practical and preventive

When you invest in a motion sensor, you give yourself the option of having lights that automatically turn on in your home, indoors or outdoors, as you walk past. In complete darkness, this connected object saves you having to search blind for your switch, but also saves electricity, because the lighting switches off automatically in your absence.

At the same time, these devices can send notifications to your smartphone if there is movement in your supposedly empty house. Ideally, choose a model compatible with the exterior to place it at the entrance of your home: the simple fact that the light comes on when an arriving person passes by could discourage the burglar.

4. The connected lock: additional protection

The connected lock is rather practical in everyday life since it allows you to do without your keys to open your door. It can therefore easily replace your classic lock or even come in addition to it. There are different systems that do not always work the same way: password, card, key, connection with a smartphone … but they will all be compatible for the most part with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and even integrate to voice assistants. Enough to be able to manage everything remotely via the Internet, once again.

So, it is not necessarily cheap (count a few hundred euros). But in addition to making your day-to-day life easier, the systems that nest on top of your lock will make life for burglars much more difficult. The installation of these systems is often well explained and easy to set up. One of the rare drawbacks is to pay attention to the remaining autonomy of your device, otherwise you will find yourself … blocked.

5. Connected bulbs, to simulate its presence

A few years ago, we installed programmable lamps to be able to switch on the light in our absence and simulate a presence at specific times of the day. It is now much easier to perform this kind of maneuver with connected Philips Hue lighting.

There are many brands of smart light bulbs out there, and you can even buy regular light bulbs that you plug into smart outlets to use them in the same way. From a distance, even if you are on the other side of the world, you can decide to turn on the light in a particular room simply with your smartphone. This will make it appear that someone is in your home to deter potential burglars.

6. A connected alarm kit, with or without camera

You haven’t found what is the best protection to acquire among all those presented in this article? This one can put everyone in agreement since it consists of a kit combining alarm, opening and movement detector. Another version accessible on the Amazon page even offers a surveillance camera in addition.

Ring Alarm from Amazon is a reliable and inexpensive do-it-yourself alarm system. It is sold in a kit that contains several products including the connection base and its range amplifier, a numeric keypad to arm or deactivate the system, a contact sensor and a motion detector.

Of course, you do not necessarily need all these devices to reassure you against the risk of burglary: make the most consistent choices given your home and your needs. During the holidays, do not hesitate to tell your loved ones and ask them to come for a walk from time to time, just to make sure that everything is going well.

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