6 things we’d love to see in an ambitious John Wick video game

Lionsgate has announced that the studio may begin developing a John Wick video game, with a fourth film slated for release in 2023.

Sooner or later, an ambitious video game adapted from the John Wick saga, the action movie monument that Keanu Reeves achieved at the height of his art (and form), may arrive. As reported by Eurogamer on November 6, Lionsgate said the license had the potential to be an “AAA-level video game” and that was sort of the point of the story.

“We are in the process of collecting proposals. We are interested in continuing, but I don’t want to say anything right now,” Lionsgate CEO John Feltheimer told his investors. Note that a video game adaptation from John Wick already exists: it’s John Wick Hex, which we rather liked when we tried it, but doesn’t feel like an AAA project at all (the levels look like puzzles to be solved).

What could an ambitious John Wick video game look like? We prophesy.

John Wick Parabellum // The Met

Ingredients to make John Wick a great video game

1. Keanu Reeves should be there

Like The Matrix, the John Wick films are inseparable from the face of Keanu Reeves. And it’s impossible to develop a video game led by Lionsgate without a star player. Keanu Reeves is literally John Wick, namely a nonchalant man with unexpected charisma. From afar, the hero looks like a man without a story. When we see him fight, we can only applaud his prowess. Without a Keanu Reeves performance, we don’t even want to hear about a video game. Recall that the comedian appears in Cyberpunk 2077.

2. Polished implementation

The John Wick saga is loved by moviegoers for one obvious reason: the process of creation. Aside from the action scenes with impressive choreography, the films are visually great (photos, frame science…) – New York in the rain of John Wick Parabellum is proof of that. Therefore, we expect John Wick to be a video game that is also very beautiful and, of course, technically flawless.

3. Accurate and powerful gameplay that combines shooting and close combat.

Known as Baba Yaga (which says a lot about his reputation), John Wick is a ruthless killer that everyone fears. He can do absolutely anything when it comes to killing targets, be it ranged or melee. To be a good adaptation, a video game must be both a great shooting experience (with a varied arsenal) and a good hand-to-hand combat game (powerful and dynamic). The balance will no doubt be difficult to find, but John Wick cannot be limited to one of the two categories. The game should combine the best of TPS (Third Person Shooter) and beat them all.

4. Memorable bosses

A retired killer in search of a peaceful life after the disappearance of his wife, John Wick is forced to return to the service after the visit of Iosif Tarasov, the son of a crime boss who is about to kill … his dog. His thirst for revenge quickly turns into a flight, and he has several talented assassins behind him. To captivate the audience, the films feature a five-star cast (Ian McShane, Laurence Fishburne, Halle Berry, Mark Dacascos…). In the video game, you will have to do the same, with bosses that will be difficult to get rid of.

5. Continental Center

Should John Wick be an open world video game? Not necessary. On the other hand, he must join the Continental, an inn where assassins meet and is considered a truce zone (no blood should be shed there, according to the codes set by the High Table). We could well imagine a hub that gives access to the main missions, as well as some additional tasks – among other nods to the universe.

The Continental is such an iconic location in the John Wick story that a prologue series starring Mel Gibson is about to air.

6. Dog

John Wick’s starting point is the death of a dog. You need at least one in a video game. It can even be side content built around taking care of it.

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