60 GB mobile plan: B & You or Free Mobile, which is better?

After a short break, Free Mobile returns to the game with a 60 GB offer at less than 10 euros. Opposite, B & You is revamping its offer with a 60 GB mobile plan at 13.99 euros, valid with no time limit. The two packages present unlimited calls, SMS, MMS, the two data offers to use your smartphone abroad, both are on sale. It remains to be seen which one is the best … As usual, you can count on to decipher the small lines, to list the advantages / disadvantages. Fight!

Free Mobile 60 GB in detail>

B & You 60 GB in detail>

Duration of promotions

Before launching the match, remember that only the promo of B & You is offered without limit of duration, the offer and the price will not move until the termination of the contract by the subscriber. Opposite, the promotion of Free Mobile is valid for 12 months, after a year its offer will return to its usual price of € 19.99.

4G envelope and roaming

60 GB of internet to use in the hexagon on both sides, draw on this point. Outside the French borders, the sound of the bell is already different, Free offers 4 GB for roaming while B & You offers 10 (to be deducted from the colossal envelope of 60 GB) from the European Union and the French overseas departments.

Advantage B & You

Unlimited voice / sms

Bouygues and Free Mobile offer the same voice-rated services with unlimited classics to landlines and mobiles in mainland France and the DOM (excluding Mayotte) and from Europe / DOM to mainland France / Europe / DOM. SMS and MMS are unlimited in France, to the French overseas departments and from Europe and the French overseas departments.


Speed, network

Free Mobile has a more recent network which logically remains more perfectible than the competition. The latest score from 4G Monitor (connection tests carried out by
 subscribers of different operators) on February 2020 confirms the Arcep figures, the
debit differences are still significant between Bouygues and Free Mobile. There is no match.

Advantage B & You

Bouygues, the most balanced, Free the cheapest (over 1 year)

Remember that to switch from one operator to another while keeping his phone number, you will need to obtain your RIO by dialing 3179 on your smartphone. Once your RIO is recovered, the new operator will take care of the portability of your number.

  • By counting the points, B & You is ahead with an offer, certainly more expensive at 13.99 euros, but also more balanced with a very nice data envelope for abroad and a solid network.
  • For those who are used to switching from one offer without commitment to another (and who therefore rarely stay more than a year with an operator) the offer for less than 10 euros from Free Mobile is clearly attractive.


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