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The creativity of scammers is often limitless. They stole the ‘Far Out’ keynote last night in an attempt to create a cryptocurrency scam.

This is not the first time this has happened. Remember, in September 2021, scammers set up a fake Apple report that netted them $69,000. Major parties often result in fraud attempts by well-trained cybercriminals.

This year, scammers uploaded a fake live stream called “Apple Event Live. Apple CEO Tim Cook: Apple and Metaverse in 2022. There was an old interview with Tim Cook on this fake live stream. This interview is from 2018. Once on the stream, a lot of fraudulent links appeared, thereby redirecting the user to the jaws of a wolf.

70,000 people fall into the trap

The scam was discovered by a reporter from The Verge. Despite all the clues that cannot be deceived, more than 70,000 people would have fallen into the trap. Indeed, users accidentally clicked on a low-quality YouTube channel that redirected them to a cryptocurrency site with a dubious reputation. The video was quickly removed by YouTube to avoid any issues. However, the journalist warns that the fake YouTube channel was seen as an offer by YouTube.

At present, we do not know how much money the criminals were able to earn. Indeed, it is impossible to estimate the number of people actually affected by this fraud attempt.

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