71,000 doses of Pfizer’s fenua vaccine, Janssen’s officially launched vaccine

Despite 4 150 between Friday and Sunday, the vaccination campaign did not accelerate in the past week. However, he promises to intensify following days, in particular, thanks to the new type of vaccine. A total of 112,000 doses of vaccine have been delivered by Fenua State.

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44,500 people (about 22.3% adult population) have received at least one dose of vaccine in the past fenua, of which 27,000 have already been recalled. Unlike the metropolis, which has been using serums for several weeks. Moderna or AstraZeneca, Polynesia, has so far only used the Pfizer vaccine, the first vaccine to receive marketing authorization in Europe and the United States. Including the delivery that arrived this weekend in Faaa, over 90,000 doses of this vaccine which were received from January 7th. To date, 71,000 of these doses have been administered and nearly 17,500 are awaiting a second injection. A vaccine developed by Pfizer in collaboration with a German laboratory. BioNtechshould remain at the center of the Polynesian vaccination campaign: The state promises in a press release to increase its donation to 12,000 doses per week. “From June”… Better than 9,300 current weekly doses, even if Eduard Fritsch, returning from his visit to Paris in early April, said that he had requested and received from the Champs-Elysees the delivery of “15,000 doses per week” to Polynesia.

Janssen despite controversy

Another vaccine has been offered in Tahiti since Monday. This is a vaccine Single dose Janssen, developed by American lab Johnson & Johnson, whose first shipment – only 22,000 doses – was received on Thursday night. The serum to be offered vaccinodrome presidency this Sunday, but due to customs clearance time, finally waited for the deployment this morning.

Vaccine delivery Single dosewhich is based on a viral vector, not new technologyRNA messenger has been postponed due to investigations into alleged adverse reactions. In fact, there have been six reported serious cases of thrombosis, including one fatal. discovered over 7 million doses have been administered in the United States. European authorities and However, French women believe that the vaccine is sufficiently safe and effective for widespread use. Some countries, such as Denmark, but decided to do without this by opting for other sera in their vaccination campaign. IN fenua, it is currently only offered in a center specially open for fare buddy from the Department of Health, at Paofay The government has already announced that due to its storage quality and ease of use, it will “Especially dedicated to the islands”

112,000 doses and 15,000 tests

Thus, the state has delivered a total of 112,000 doses of various vaccines. fenua in almost 4 months. The Janssen vaccine stockpile is due to be resumed at the end of May with a new military flight, Haussariat said. State also provides the country with rapid screening tests, which are now carried out for every traveler entering the country. Currently 15,000 tests have been delivered and 15,000 are planned to be sent to Polynesia.

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