7500 bitcoins lost in the landfill: this investor has a plan to get his treasure back

A British investor who lost 7,500 bitcoins in 2013 is back with a new plan. In order to get his hands on his treasure of cryptocurrencies, he now offers to search the junkyard with the help of two robotic dogs. Despite his persistence, the municipality still categorically refuses to grant him access to the recycling center.

In 2013, James Howells, a British computer scientist, accidentally threw a hard drive containing 7,500 bitcoins into the trash. After the price spike of bitcoin, this lost treasure is now valued at more than 154 million euros. Note that the young man himself mined bitcoins on his computer in 2010.

“I had two identical hard drives and threw away the bad one,” explains James Howells.

After hearing about the rise of bitcoin, a computer engineer a few months later suddenly remembered the existence of the hard drive. Deciding to return his prey, he did everything to find the hard drive. According to him, it is in a huge landfill in Newport, Wales (UK). No wonder the computer scientist couldn’t find the device in this ocean of waste. While studying aerial photographs of the site, he was still able to determine that the hard drive was located on an area of ​​200 m².

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Two robot dogs rush to the rescue

Despite the obstacles that face him, he does not let go. Since 2013, the Welsh engineer has been trying to get hold of his cryptocurrency holdings by all means. Last year, he also turned to NASA data recovery engineers for help. These specialists especially worked on the accident of the Space Shuttle Columbia.

More recently, James Howells came up with a new plan to find the precious hard drive. The engineer’s new strategy is to dump two robotic dogs developed by Boston Dynamics in the landfill. Robots worthy of the terrifying Black Mirror machines are full of intelligent sensors and able to move independently.

Asked by Business Insider, the young Briton explains that robots can sweep the ground in search of a hard drive. Howells also plans to hire workers and experts in artificial intelligence, waste management and data recovery to oversee the work. The estimated cost of the operation is $11 million. The computer specialist explains that he got the funding through two venture capitalists.

Mission impossible?

Unfortunately for him, Newport City Council flatly refuses to grant him access to the landfill or help him in his efforts. However, over the years he has submitted several requests to the municipal council. To convince the authorities, the engineer also offered to donate 25% of his treasures to the city of Newport if he found his digital wallet. In vain. Local government remains inflexible.

“His proposals pose a significant environmental risk that we cannot accept and cannot take into account,” the municipality explains, adding that “nothing that Mr. Howells could present to us” will change the situation.

Last year, the municipality already hinted that the hard drive is unlikely to be found during excavations. “There is no guarantee that the desired object will be found or will still be operational,” the municipality said. For his part, the Welsh believes that these repeated refusals are proof of the incompetence of the authorities.

Apparently, James Howells is not the only investor to accidentally lose all of his bitcoins. According to a study by blockchain analysis company Chainalysis, 20% of the 18.5 million bitcoins already mined are locked in inaccessible wallets.

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