79% of Quebec residents say yes to COVID-19 vaccine

A record 79% of Quebec residents now want to be vaccinated against COVID-19, and that number bodes well for the herd immunity needed to return to a slightly more normal life.

“A vaccine is not just a chemical. This is encouraging. The statistics will continue to grow in the coming weeks because we see it working, ”predicts Jean-Marc Léger, whose firm Léger has been tracking the evolution of vaccination intentions over several months.

While 65% of Quebec adults said they were ready to roll up their sleeves for an injection in an October survey, 79% now want their dose or have already received it, according to the latest Leger study.

For the country as a whole, 80% of those wishing to be vaccinated or have already been vaccinated are now, up from 63% six months ago.

“This is an important step that we took this week,” said Mr Léger.

Because the threshold for achieving herd immunity – protection from coronavirus thanks to a sufficient number of immunized people – is exactly 70 to 80%, according to several experts.

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People 55 and older are particularly enthusiastic: 88% of them plan to get vaccinated, while 76% of young people aged 18–34 and 73% of people 35–54 want to do the same.

Among Quebec residents of all ages who do not want to imitate them, 10% think the vaccine is dangerous, and 12% do not know if this is so.

Proof that vaccinations are bringing a wind of hope to the province, 31% of respondents believe the worst of the crisis is over, far more than 17% of the Canadian average.

“People think that we are getting out of the crisis. I must say that we survived the third wave much less strongly, ”agrees Mr. Leger.

Ontarians, who have seen an increase in the number of new cases of the disease in recent weeks, think so only 9%.

Case separately

In terms of satisfaction with the measures taken by François Lego, it remains at 70% after a peak of 95% in mid-April 2020.

“This is an exceptional case. Lego is the only one who resisted, with [les premiers ministres des] Atlantic provinces, ”Leger said.

In the West, a few conservative prime ministers receive no more than 37% of support.

This web poll by Léger, in collaboration with The Canadian Press, was conducted among 1,548 Canadians between April 23-26, 2021. The error is ± 2.49%, which corresponds to 19 cases out of 20.

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