8 high-tech health and wellness gifts to take care of yourself this Christmas 2021 –

Every year Santa Claus fills his hood with an increasing number of high-tech objects, and these are not necessarily smartphones or computers. Technological innovations, increasingly diversified, now affect all areas, and in particular that of well-being. To the delight of people looking for “cocoons” accessories.

Alors même que certains subissent les conséquences du stress sur l’organisme, tout le monde cherche des méthodes douces pour prendre soin de soi: réussir à sleep sans medicament, soulager les douleurs sans passer par la case anti-inflammatoires ou encore contrôler facilement son poids daily.

Since there are technological innovations to cover all needs in terms of well-being, we have selected 8 particularly interesting objects, which will simplify your life and contribute to your serenity.

Hydrao, the connected shower head

Since the bathroom is the first room that comes to mind when it comes to wellness, why not equip yourself with a connected shower head? Manufactured by a company based in Grenoble, Hydrao is invited to your pond to help you reduce its consumption, thanks to an LED system: when it reaches a pre-defined level, the color of the light changes.

This easy-to-install accessory will help the whole family learn to use less water in a fun way. No more worries in the shower fearing to increase your bill, everyone can be notified of your consumption directly. What to approach the daily bath without stress.

Aloe Hydrao

With HYDRAO Shower, saving water becomes child’s play. Its knob changes color according to its consumption of water and energy. Track your savings directly thanks to the HYDRAO app.

Dodow, the box that falls asleep naturally and quickly

Intended for adults and children from 6 years old, Dodow aims to revolutionize the lives of all those who have difficulty falling asleep. Located next to the bed, this little box will guide you in a relaxing session in bed, to put you in a situation and fall asleep quickly.

This system is based on the diffusion of a light to accompany you and train you in some breathing exercises. After a sequence of 8-20 minutes, the device turns itself off to allow you to sleep. The little exercises Dodow instructs you are actually slowing down your metabolism and reducing the flow of your thoughts – two ideal conditions for closing your eyes faster and getting a restful night’s sleep.


Dodow is a luminous metronome that will help you relearn how to fall asleep naturally, without taking medication. The exercise lasts 8-20 minutes and then Dodow shuts itself off.

All kinds of connected objects from the Withings brand!

To take care of itself, Withings sells a wide range of connected objects of all kinds. Here are three examples of essential gifts, which could hit the mark under the tree in 2020.

Withings Body +, the connected scale to better monitor your progress

Particularly complete in its functionalities, this connected scale from the brand Withings ex-Nokia gives numerous indications: the weight in kilograms, but also the percentage of mass of fat, muscle, bone and water. With its app, it really lets you easily track your progress, whether you’re on a fat loss dynamic, muscle gain dynamic, or even simple controls to keep in line.

To help users in their daily life, the application can provide a calorie ratio to achieve the desired goals. Best of all, more than 100 partner apps like Runkeeper (sport) or MyFitnessPal (calorie count) sync with scale data for a more comprehensive experience.

The Withings Body + is the French brand’s mid-range scale, but is already well-stocked for most users. You can measure BMI, muscle mass, water, and even bone. A progress curve with your last 8 weighings is shown on the screen with a small smiley for the day’s weather. The scale can store up to 8 users and supports a maximum weight of 180 kg. Connected via Wi-Fi, you can send your information directly to Withings Cloud. These can be retrieved on your smartphone or tablet, which is very practical. There is a modality for athletes, pregnant women and newborns.

Withings ScanWatch – Comprehensive Health Monitoring on the Wrist

Sober looking with an analog dial and a built-in mini LCD screen, this accessory will suit both a man and a woman, thanks to its elegant design. Among the many criteria that can be controlled with this little gem of technology, we find the number of steps, the quality of sleep, sports activities or calories expended.

Better yet, you can take an authentic EKG, track your blood oxygen level, and other extremely accurate information about your health, which can naturally help anyone who is potentially sensitive.

The ScanWatch is a connected watch that clearly shows your goal – to improve health. The manufacturer suggested that some testers take over their new product, the measurements of which have already been validated by three clinical studies that validated the measurements of atrial fibrillation and blood oxygen saturation.

Withings BPM Core, the connected health object par excellence

Ideal for all those who want to monitor their health more closely, the Withings BPM Core allows you to know your blood pressure, take an EKG and listen to your heartbeat. For all those who have to repeat these tests on a regular basis as part of a medical follow-up, it is an accessory that is as reliable as it is practical to handle.

The application that works with the equipment simplifies the measurements: small illustrations guide the user to correctly position the BPM Core. Thanks to this device, you no longer need to write down your blood pressure in a notebook to send it to the treating doctor, for example: everything is automatically stored in the application. A significant time saver.

The BPM Core is a connected health device for measuring blood pressure, taking an EKG, and listening to the heart for possible heart disease. It could also be used for remote follow-up with a doctor.

Philips wake-up light, the alarm clock that will make you love in the morning

Specially designed for those who find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning, this luminous alarm clock from Philips helps you keep your spirits up in winter when there is a lack of light. Simulates a gradual sunrise that helps motivate you even when it’s dark outside.

The alarm clock starts to turn on very slowly 30 minutes before the scheduled time, and by the fateful hour, you should theoretically be wide awake and ready to face the day. Best of all, this little accessory includes a Twilight function to fall asleep at night and natural sounds to complement the awakening process.

Philips HF3520 wake-up light

The colorful sunrise simulation wakes you up naturally. The gradual dimming of lighting and sound makes it easier to sleep. 20 brightness settings, to choose from according to your preferences

The massage cushion, essential against stress

Because nothing better than a good massage to free you from the stress of everyday life, this shiatsu cushion will convince the most skeptical. Here, there is no need to undress in front of a professional or move around: you can enjoy the benefits of shiatsu at home, in complete freedom. With its massage balls and heating function, this accessory guarantees a good moment of relaxation, while stimulating blood circulation and metabolism.

It can be used on the neck, lower back and legs: it is offered without fear to all those who enjoy massage, whether or not they are prone to muscle pain.

HoMedics massage pillow

This massage cushion allows you to quickly and easily relax in your daily life. Thanks to its compact size, you can relax all day, so you can easily get a massage at home, in the car, and at the office.

An essential oil diffuser with bluetooth speaker

As more and more people seek alternatives to traditional medicines, many are turning to essential oils. Some are renowned for their strengths and allow you to feel better without taking a single tablet.

The benefits of this gift are manifold: it can appeal to many people, as anyone can appreciate essential oils for one of their health benefits. In addition, they are easily found at all prices, depending on the features available and the size of the device. Finally, it is both a useful object for personal care and a beautiful decorative accessory for the home.

Aromasound SYMPHONY

Enjoy a Bluetooth speaker, an essential oil diffuser and a soft light atmosphere with Symphoney: all these functions in an aesthetic, compact and portable product thanks to its rechargeable battery.

These small objects are intended to improve the routine of their followers: some of them have already conquered hundreds of thousands of users. It is up to you to get an idea of ​​these different products, taking them for yourself or offering them to a loved one to get their opinion.

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