8 Horror Games That Will Make Halloween Unforgettable for PlayStation Plus Extra

Game news 8 Horror Games That Will Make Halloween Unforgettable for PlayStation Plus Extra

Published on 29.10.2022 at 13:15

If there is one night when you can experience the pleasure, then it is October 31st. Do you like dark universes? Anxious? Tortured? Bloody? We have what you need. Here is a selection of games available in the PlayStation Plus Extra catalog that might give you goosebumps. Light a candle, if you’re lucky you’ll make it out without losing too many lives!

little nightmares

Little Nightmares is an atmospheric platform game based on a vibrant aesthetic reminiscent of the work of Tim Burton and Jean-Pierre Jeunet, with an emphasis on total immersion. No dialogue distracts the player from the adventure, no melodies disturb the user as they walk through this nightmarish world: Tarsier’s software relies on minimalism that hits the mark. Lost in a universe populated by creatures as intimidating as they are aggressive, little Six must solve various puzzles, hide in corners, and also escape – literally – from danger. If you appreciate the horror atmosphere more than intense gameplay, you will have a great time with Little Nightmares.

Metro Exodus

Graphically and aesthetically stunning, Metro Exodus has a dark atmosphere that is worth a look in its own right. Terrifying in what it says and what it shows on screen with bloodthirsty monsters in a Russia ravaged by nuclear war, 4A Games’ game offers a large playground of diverse environments bathed in a neat soundtrack. Live moments with the Aurora crew ring true: they bring heart and soul to this production. While it’s not as perfect as we’d like, Metro Exodus will take you to a scary universe, which is perfect if you’re looking for a bit of horror in this period.

Observe: The Redux System

Orwellian Observer itself is set in post-apocalyptic futuristic Poland. Transhumanism, which has become a legion on the streets of the city, is infected by the computer parasite Nanophage. The Observer is by far the most successful horror game from the Bloober Team. Leaving aside the horror roots with unsettling visuals and screamers, the software offers a gameplay rich enough for the genre it targets, with drag and drop, cybernetic views to detect traces (organic, CG) and especially a stress management system. Because yes, here the hero can find himself in a situation of great stress and … die. This sci-fi thriller with complex ramifications is a dark and brutal dive into an inhospitable universe.

Dark Pictures Anthology: The Man from Medan and a Little Hope

We’re cheating a bit on this The Dark Pictures anthology as we’re talking about not one, but two games, namely the first two episodes of the saga. Available with PlayStation Plus Extra, Man of Medan and Little Hope immerse us in two very different worlds. The former takes place on a ghost ship lost in the ocean, while the latter takes place on the foggy plains of a New England town against the backdrop of witchcraft. Supermassive Games clearly draws on film, literature, and video games to bring their stories of the dead to life. Thrill seekers who want to experience heartbreaking adventures in long corridors littered with QTEs will be in paradise.

Until dawn

Along with The Quarry (not included in PS Plus Extra), Until Dawn is Supermassive Games’ most successful work. The studio specializing in terrifying narrative games tells the story of eight young people who go on a vacation away from a living soul. At least that’s what they think. Danger lies in wait for their quarters, and several of the main characters will die if the player misses their QTEs and/or makes bad decisions. With “lovable” characters, a neat atmosphere that pays homage to slasher films, and tough choices, Until Dawn fits the bill for a successful interactive drama. In addition to being really annoying during certain sequences.


Created by Frictional Games’ psychological horror game experts, SOMA takes the basics of Amnesia without serving the same soup. In Simon’s eyes, the player will travel through an underwater universe inhabited by aggressive creatures. As with other games from the developer, it’s best to avoid running into the bestiary. Luckily, the specific nature of the monsters allows for variations in the gameplay, largely based on hide-and-seek. As for the themes of the game, we find transhumanism, a movement that advocates the use of technology to improve the human. SOMA will make you feel uncomfortable and surprise you.


Endowed with a heavy atmosphere and a terrifying atmosphere that allows itself to various screamers, Transference immerses the player in the maze of the mind of Raymond Hayes, a brilliant scientist. This unhealthy journey results in alternating two lanes of reality, each transforming as hidden memories emerge. Transference relies on its chaotic atmosphere to create terror and anxiety in the hearts of players. The adventure is very short (less than three hours to complete), it can be an ideal choice for those who are in a hurry. It should be noted that the software is compatible with PSVR PlayStation 4 for an even more intuitive experience.

Get more

Get Even is a first-person narrative game where the main strength is the storyline. In the shoes of Cole Black, an amnesiac mercenary, the player finds himself in the custody of a mysterious jailer who forces him to relive some traumatic memories through an advanced technology helmet. Set in a mental institution, Get Even is first and foremost an exploration game with a heavy atmosphere. The general atmosphere of the creation of The Farm 51 is a frank success: it will surely be able to give goosebumps even to the most hardened.

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