8 tips to go further with your Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X has been available for several weeks now, and you probably think you’ve seen it. Even more insofar as its interface is similar in every way to that of Xbox One, Xbox One X and Xbox One S.

However, you have to know how to be wary of your certainties, and here are precisely 8 tips to know to go further with your Xbox Series X.

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This file is developed from the latest version of the console firmware, a version deployed at the end of 2020. Certain functions may need to change or even disappear in future updates deployed by Microsoft .

1 / Transfer games from the Xbox One

If you had an Xbox One, then you may want to find your library content quickly.

Microsoft has planned it all and there is just one feature that will save you precious time. After pressing the Xbox button, all you have to do is go to your library and look for the option “Entire library”, “Complete library” and “All games owned” to find the list of all the games associated with your account.

From there, you can of course download them, but also quickly transfer your backups so you don’t have to start from scratch.

2 / Quickly personalize the home screen

Just like on the Xbox One, it is perfectly possible to personalize the Xbox Series X home screen.

Basically, to access these functions, you have to go to the parameters menu and find the appropriate section. However, it is possible to save time.

When you are in front of the home screen, simply press the button on your controller which represents two windows placed on top of each other. You will automatically be returned to the screen for customizing the console. Note that among these options, you will find some that will allow you to customize the Series X | S.

3 / Customize the controller

The Xbox Series X controller is a model of design and ergonomics, but you might not like the button layout. Even less if you are used to often switching between several different consoles like the PlayStation 5 or the Switch.

Microsoft has of course planned everything and it is thus perfectly possible to modify the mapping of the buttons of the controller by going to the settings of the console. And more precisely in the menu baptized “Devices and connection“, Then“Accessories ” and “Configure“.

4 / Associate the controller with his profile

Another very useful function, the association of the controller and the profile.

If for some reason you don’t want to share your controller, Xbox Series X lets you link it to your profile. The icing on the cake, when it is done, you will start your session directly by turning on your controller.

To set up this association, nothing complicated, just go to the menu “Settings” then “Account“, Then “Connection, Security and access key“, then finally “This controller connects”. And you can of course do the same with several different profiles and different controllers.

5 / Connect an old controller

The Xbox Series X, as well as the Xbox Series S, have put a lot of emphasis on backwards compatibility, and that doesn’t just apply to their titles.

Microsoft’s new consoles do indeed support Xbox One controllers, so they can be reused. At least as long as you connect them.

The procedure to follow is also quite easy. All you have to do is press the association button on your console and then on the controller to establish the connection.

6 / Modify the power options

The Xbox Series X offers quite a few different power profiles, profiles that will help you define how it should behave when in standby.

To find them, all you have to do is go to “settings” then to the “General” menu. This is where you will find the menu titled “Power Modes and Boot”. You can then define the length of time after which the console will go to sleep, but also if it will stay listening and if it should turn off completely.

7 / Use Google Assistant or Alexa

This trick is little known, but it will save you precious time. It will indeed allow you to use Google Assistant or Alexa with the console and therefore to take advantage of voice commands.

All you have to do is go to “settings” and then to “Devices & Connections”. This is where you will find the menu titled “Digital Assistants”.

By going inside, you can activate a voice assistant and ask the console to use Google Assistant or Alexa.

8 / Find games optimized for the Xbox Series X | S

Microsoft has made the transition from the Xbox One to the Xbox Series a smooth one. The latter can therefore read all the titles of the former, without any limitation.

But if you want to know which titles are specially optimized for your new console, you can.

If you go to the Xbox Store, for example, well you just have to look for a pictogram representing the Xbox Series X. If it is present on the cover of the title, then it is because the latter is optimized for the new gen. But you can also use the filters in your library to only bring up games that are optimized for your console.


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